So much hypocrisy from the 3-letter agencies has made it impossible to pretend that they are actually invested in protecting our citizens or humanity at all. Once everyone reconciles that betrayal, I hope that the trials and criminal restitution will be allowed to proceed.

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This thing called Life is nothing but a school for us to learn from. Our souls learn from our experiences:


We need to be mindful of all the things in our world so we make sure we learn what we’re supposed too and not distracted


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Excellent; viewed yesterday ■ thank you! M

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"This is what they`ve done..." ■ References at the end of video. M


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2023-11-18 The Covid-19 ■ Deception Was Just a Rehearsal


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Mass Vaccination and CANCER Victims - Part 14 ■ Vaccine Manufacturers are complicit in the mass murder of the global population by putting known deadly carcinogens in these jabs.

People are being wiped out with deadly cancers post jab.

Mirrored - TruthSeekerNews1984


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As I understand it, McCullough and his team recommend NATTO, not for dissolving the clots, but for eradicating the spike protein. Do I "mis-recall"? In your and Dr. Mihalcea's expert opinion(s), does the synthetic spike protein really exist; if it does exist, is it being released from and/or being created by the lipid nano particles as claimed; or, in your belief(s) is there some other mechanism of action at work?

Evidently Dr. McCullough doesn't believe, or know yet, that the synthetic blood clots exist, and that the blood, both "vaccinated" and unvaccinated, is filled with nanotech (or he refuses to believe it?). At least he's apparently being cautious and isn't outright claiming that it isn't true. Why doesn't he support your work, and the work of others in a similar vane? Is he only in the anti-"Covid" game for the mulah?

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All of the bioweapons being unleashed through every element of the biosphere and now through intravenous injection, has the effect upon those of the populace that are watching, an acute awareness of the inexorable ruination of everything within this dimension.

This must be much like having a large ripe mango that is rapidly rotting. The ugly end is clear.

The worldwide system is predicated upon sin: serving self, greed, envy, rage, pride, status, power, lust, wealth, avarice, idolatry.

Apex predatory behaviour is the only law or rule. This suits some; corporate heads, trillionaire families, politicians, government agencies, bankers, and myriad other criminals.

Some others are content with the defeatism of victimhood.

The Biblical scriptures give a definitive glimpse of where all this is leading.

The only conclusion that seems to make sense is that this entire system is going to implode.

So it's like waste or scrap. Useful in learning where sin leads. Object lessons abound.

For those called out of this earthly mess, there is opportunity to be in it but not OF it.

This imparts an objective, detached, uninvested attitude and an ideal forum for transforming the mind.

Morphing from a repugnantly corrupt earth worm into a flight-ready, prize monarch butterfly awaiting liftoff.

A lofty and very tough purpose to work toward.

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how long has our blood been looked at/analyzed? when did it start?

when did these microscopes show up to be able to see what you see? micro/nano?

have THEY been doing this to us since before i was born?

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Wow, another FANTASTIC, teaching , learning and surely getting humanity at least partially informed.

Yes to some it will be akin to scary and star wars like technology .

You are being assimilated as per the BORG and resistance seems futile , but JUST as our brilliant Dr. Ana tells us, we must rise up and fight this uninformed consent .

This was a fantastic presentation that every truth warrior should watch .

Here are a few key points I learned .

1. The MILITARY is ALWAYS the fore front of advanced technology. I can verify that having served 9 years .

2. NANO technology and lipid nano particles have been WEAPONIZED and you are being deliberately HACKED . .THAT IS FACT and it has gone on for well over a decade .

Btw a nano meter is a BILLIONTH of a meter .

They (lipid nano particles) can penetrate EVERY CELL in your body, cross the blood brain barrier to impact THINKING and neurons, and if made to control humans literally can penetrate as a WEAPON to make you sick and yes KILL YOU .

There is ZERO doubt this is a long intricate plan being carried out by countries to depopulate and seize your life, your property if any, and all your assets.

It is beyond evil .

3. Dr. Ana covers a VAST amount of drugs and products with this killing technology .

4. Solutions are coming and yes , she is at the forefront to discover a potential cure to detox. But there are proactive things to do now!

5. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated (not that this shouod be termed a vaccine ) are being impacted .

6. You'll be shocked by the things being used to HACK and control you , including THE TINY CAMERA in yiur laptop, your cell, 5G etc .

Don't miss this great presentation and as always Dr. Ana truly is an amazing woman bringing us the truth .

Life is short , so live today for today (live in the NOW per Ekhart Tolle) and smile.

Yes, we need to FIGHT this is we wish to save humanity .

There is TWO TYPES of courage and being brave and walking the high road .

Moral courage to TEACH and open eyes

Physical courage to FIGHT evil as per our vetetans

Blessings to ALL.


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Emergency Alert!!! I may have found the ANTIDOTE to the Covid vaccine. Now here me out...I certain COUNTRY created a FAKE MEASALS OUT BREAK in 2018 in order to VACCINATE there population with the MMR MEASELS vaccine. According to this Dr. who worked at the NIH he CONFIRMED it with several Universities that it was true... Read for your self

One key facet of the ...... infiltrated NIAID/NIH research was developing a defense to a weaponized coronavirus. Research included using measles vaccine virus as protection against these deadly coronaviruses [22]. This is an important fact given the widespread measles vaccination in ...... and ...... schools in the US in 2018 prior to onset of COVID-19 [23] as discussed below.

In the Fall of 2018, the Author was contacted by members of the Baltimore Orthodox ...... community and asked to investigate why ...... schools in Baltimore were no longer accepting almost any vaccine exemptions. Many ...... parents were concerned about the possible link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Prior to 2018 these schools allowed parents to take vaccine exemptions. The Author spoke to numerous .... in the Baltimore area and read news reports on similar vaccine policy changes in the vast majority of ...... schools in the US. A small measles epidemic occurred in Israel in the 2018–2019-time frame leading to mass immunization against measles in Israel and then in US ...... schools including those in New York [33,34]. The pursing vaccine controversy culminated in several individuals that the Author realized were linked to ...... entering the debate, including Bobby Kennedy Jr. [35].

In early 2019 the Author reported back to those Orthodox ...., who had asked for his help and replied that there was nothing he could do as the activities he observed indicated Mossad was initiating a major bioweapons attack. As it turns out the measles mumps rubella vaccine (MMR) forced upon the ...... community actually protects against COVID-19. This fact was likely known based on vaccine research funded by ...... infiltrated NIAID/ NIH [22]. The Author published the initial peer reviewed paper on the ability of the MMR vaccine to prevent COVID-19 [23] and the Author’s conclusions has been confirmed by research from many large universities [36-38].

We need to test the MMR MEASELS vaccine to see if it's the ANTIDOTE isn't that right Dr. Ana.???

Can you guess who ...... and .... are???

Intel courtesy of your boy!!!!! ..............>#Agentmidnightrider


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Feeling the Energy: The wireless power system relies on the principle of resonant coupling to transmit RF energy to the implant inside the mouse


used wireless power in the form of radio waves that emanated from a resonant chamber beneath the cage and were captured by the mouse’s own body.

The trick comes from a unicellular green algae that can swim toward a light source, thanks to a special type of protein on its cellular membrane. The protein responds to light by opening an ion channel in the membrane, thus changing the electrical potential within the algae cell and triggering the movement of two whiplike flagella. Around 2005, several research groups realized they could take the gene that codes for this protein and insert it into the DNA of a neuron.

Channelrhodopsins are a subfamily of retinylidene proteins (rhodopsins) that function as light-gated ion channels.[1] They serve as sensory photoreceptors in unicellular green algae, controlling phototaxis: movement in response to light.[2] Expressed in cells of other organisms, they enable light to control electrical excitability, intracellular acidity, calcium influx, and other cellular processes (see optogenetics). Channelrhodopsin

Chlamydomonas reinhardtii is a single-cell green alga about 10 micrometres in diameter that swims with two flagella. It has a cell wall made of hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins, a large cup-shaped chloroplast, a large pyrenoid, and an eyespot that senses light.

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"Technology’s telos has always been a technosphere stripped of humans." --2013


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Thank you for your work!

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Would be a breath of loooong overdue fresh air to see a widely amplified Source like Bermas help to disseminate Carnicom Institute Research

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Thank you so much for continuing to let us read even though we can't afford to give funding for a paid subscription. I miss Karen Kingston's substack now that we can't continue to read unless we are paid.

I completely understand that you all can't continue to give away so much of your time and research for free but it's such an important event, I think we all need to be abreast on what's going on.

Big thank you 💞

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