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You're on the pulse / over the target Ana. Please know that there are those of us out there who recognize the accuracy of your findings and posits. I appreciate the work of you and your team very much. Two thumbs up on this post.

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I’ve tried to explain the basics regarding these shots to half of my family that got them. They cannot handle it. The expression on their faces tells me they can’t deal with it emotionally. They made their kids get them too. Only one of them had an adverse reaction, so far, that’s heart issues. He said he’s done with the shots after getting 3. All I can do is watch and pray.

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I won't be getting any sleep from reading this...it scares the crap out of me.

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One aspect of validity is that YouTube took it down... that speaks volumes for the validation of truth these days

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So this terrifying. I am unvaxxed and now I have to worry that these things can still hurt me even though I refused them. I have an ultrasound scheduled Tuesday and am now thinking I should cancel.

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You don’t really go into EDTA in this. Can you elaborate ?

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"...started with Morgellons in the 1990."

Ahhh...THAT rather mysterious disease, way back when.


"It is frequency responsive, meaning 5G Wi-Fi makes it grow faster. It is an Artificial Intelligence weapon that is called “programmable matter.”

"...is because the Hydrogel grows in magnetic and certain frequency fields."



I wonder...

Dentists use light (EM) spectrum frequencies (e.g. UV), to harden dental "filler" composites, which are applied as a malleable, gel-like substance, that then hardens to enamel-strength, with applied frequencies.

I think via industrial production, certain glues may be applied, which remain viscous-fluid during "set-up," allowing set-up-time to put together multiple pieces of manufactured product. Then product "goes into an oven-like chamber," and EM energies are applied, & glue rapidly hardens/sets.

I believe lower-speed & lower-energy sound waves are also used, in certain applications.


Thank you.

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Good morning Dr. Mihalcea,

I am the Chief Science Officer for the SAFIRE Project and Founder of Aureon Energy. I am not an MD. I have been doing research into these mRNA ‘vaccines’ since mid 2020 when I first got information from Dr. Michael Yeadon and reviewed the tests Pfizer was conducting. Specifically the research they were doing on shedding and the effects on those who had not got the jab. The early Salk report was revealing in their findings.

I knew then we are in big trouble. I did not know at the time about the clotting but knew the clotting was characteristic of the Astra Zeneca jab. I was troubled because I knew there was GFNs and this is the area that I and my team do a lot of research into self-organizing plasmas. The excitation frequency range for graphene falls nicely within the microwave range…

I tried telling my family, friends and colleagues, but quite a number of them including MD’s thought I was nuts. One, MD who is a close friend, told me he thought I was deluded. Then a number of months ago, he called and apologized.

Well, as they say the “horse is out of the gate” and it’s a wild horse and it is too late to put this Ginie back in the bottle.

Once Mike Adam had completed his ICP-MS analysis I knew then we’re in even deeper trouble than before since the clots are not blood clots. The FLCCC recommend ivermectin and blood thinners and I knew this is not likely going to be an effective therapy.

Trying to dissolve these clots, in my opinion must be done gradually with some kind of intravenous – likely combination saline solution maybe with the EDTA in a very controlled protocol. But again – I am not an MD.

The reason I’m saying gradually is because my concern is that if it is too aggressive an approach the clot might break up and cause a heart attack, or stroke, or kidney failure etc.

I’m probably not the person to gather doctors together to get a discussion going. But It may be an idea to get groups like the FLCCC’s attention.

I would love to talk with you if you have time.

Kind regards,


Montgomery Childs | President | Program / Project Management, Engineering, Design, Physics, SRED, Product / Business Development

Email: Integem@outlook.com

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Thank you for this article and your work, Dr. Ana.

One problem with Mike Adams’ analysis is he compared post-vax “clot” material to human whole blood, saying he thinks ordinary blood clots (thrombi) are made of blood. They are not. They’re mainly fibrin.

Adams should repeat his analysis by comparing the postvax intravascular material to human blood clots, not to whole blood.

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Hello Dr Ana. Love your work.

As for "Died Suddenly", I think it is an importamt documentary. I am concerned, however, that it will alienate too many because of the visuals of the clots in the vessels. Too much shock factor for some. Thus the message may miss those it seeks to target.

My preferred, yet equally real, documentary is the British "Safe & Effective: A Second Opinion". Link below for those who wish to view it (00:55:23 long).

I think for the non-medical and frightened, "Safe & Effective: A Second Opinion" will be an easier pill to swallow and, hence, a more effective tool at awakening those who remain asleep. Although there will always be those who are too scared to face the horror. Particularly if THEY are responsible for coercing family members and loved ones to do so.

Just my $0.02 worth. 😊

Peace, love and prayers to all.



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I'm with you Ana! I never believed in calling a jab a "placebo" just because you feel fine 6mns or a 1yr later. It hasn't past my 3rd testicle theory. If you don't grow a 3rd testicle in 10-20yrs then maybe I will call it a placebo. It's a depop shot straight from hell, plain and simple. All vaccines are garbage in my opinion. God Bless.

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Can you explain what you mean by “contagious“. You did not go back to this point in the article, and I can only assume that you mean that unvaccinated persons could also be affected by these hydrogels. However, if they are so ubiquitous and also contagious, how with the perpetrators of the crime, possibly expect to escape the effects of these hydrogels? Am I missing something? Thank you.

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Dr Ana, Is it possible to allow for this evidence of nano technology, graphene and hydrogel ALONG WITH making room for the evidence that's been compiled over two years about spike proteins? It's like the fight about whether or not viruses exist. From the point of view of the Great Reset it doesn't matter whether viruses exist or not. Similarly, I happen to believe the climate crisis is real and refuse to continue having futile arguments with those who say it's a hoax. Because for Klaus Schwab et al the climate crisis can be folded into their evil agenda whether or not it's real. WE HAVE TO STOP BATTLING EACH OTHER! Divide and conquer is a central part of what we are up against

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I understand the 5G self-assembly thing, but what level of 5G is safe? Do you carry your cellphone in a lead pouch?

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The composition of these intravascular casts has been a challenge to determine. Can they be broken down by enzymes like Nattokinase and lumbrokinase?

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So help me God! That prayer that fully recognizing what it is we are being attacked with

As injections still continue and chem trails still fall. When there are no more cocaine skies I will know this war on us is over.

May God Bless all 5 billion people vaxxed

And all the rest of us by Grace

Death March is on

Game on

Life on

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