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Thank you so much for reporting this. It feels totally weird to Love it. I Love that you are spreading a truth about this crazy time we live in.

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It’s absolutely criminal what’s being done.

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Hi Ana,

great substack!

I don't have my own substack but I have been investigating the issue of what is causing all the death and disease in this ongoing genocide. I have come to the conclusion that these jabs are a direct chemical poisoning, and not a biochemical one via spike proteins (SPs). The SP model is wrong and merely a subterfuge/ Trojan Horse.

PART 1. On toxicity:

It appears there is no mRNA in most jabs:



But there is plenty of graphene:


If the foregoing is the case, we have all been led down the wrong rabbit hole of the 'spike protein' thesis, when in fact this is a global CHEMICAL, not BIOchemical poisoning. Chemical toxicity could explain both immediate, short term and long term effects.

Graphene is likely the main culprit here, a bioelectric material. If so, massive interference with the 2 main electrical organs of our body (heart and brain) could explain the pattern in the acute 'act of dying' in some of the jabbed.

This would explain the weird death pattern of people just dropping dead by falling flat on their faces from a perfectly vertical position - massive, sudden, full cardiac electrical stoppage (asystole). The other pattern is prolonged and severe Grand Mal seizure from disrupted electrical signals in the brain.

I never believed any of this until I started questioning our very presumptions about what is, and is not, in the jab. How many of you have always 'ASSUMED' there is mRNA in the jab? Do you have any proof except Big Pharma claiming there is in their 'proprietary' information? What if we have been lied to about even THAT? What if spike proteins are a toxic EFFECT of, not the CAUSE of, a purely chemical poisoning?

Chronic toxicity could very well be chemical, and the reason they need repeated boosters to achieve the MLD (median lethal dose).



This evidence, coupled with what I'm sure is coming in part 2, namely 'no mRNA in the vials', points to a teleological (goal-directed) depopulation agenda by CHEMICAL poisoning, and not 'biochemical' poisoning (SPs).

Let us reverse-engineer the Covid hoax as a eugenicist plot:

1. Invent a virus which does not exist.

2. Portray this fake 'virus' as a 3-D structure that has 'spike proteins' (SPs) on its surface.

3. Tell people the SPs are the cause of a disease called 'Covid 19', when in fact they are the effect ('spiculated' intracellular vesicles) from toxic oxidative causes.

4. Tell people we need a jab with mRNA to stimulate our adaptive immune systems to produce antibodies against the SP when in fact it is a Trojan Horse jab with toxic deadly chemicals and no mRNA.

5. Increase FEAR and the desire for more jabs by inventing a test tailored to detect human RNA (PCR) to drive the mantra of 'asymptomatic' transmission.

6. Use the fear to drive boosters and gradually increase the amount of toxic chemicals in people to attain the 'median lethal dose'.

7. Obfuscate: allow hundreds of prominent bloggers to become controlled opposition by promoting the 'SP toxin' myth. Berenson, Kirsch, Malone etc etc

8. Achieve 2 goals with one shot: death by graphene endothelial nano-slicing and clotting, and the conversion of the 'not-yet-dead' human organism into a 'graphenated' 'modulatable' bioelectric receiver/emitter.

Satan must be proud of his Darwinist, Malthusian, eugenicist minions.

Marc Mullie MD


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So many issues with these vaccines. One has to be totally blind, or have full faith in government authorities, to not believe Fauci and Pharma didn’t realize this toxic mess will kill..

Another great substack follow is A Midwestern Doctor...here’s a lengthy quote (and link to) from one of his latest pieces


“When I reviewed Pfizer’s internal data, it appeared that the mRNA integrity ranged from 51-71% percent depending on the vaccine lot (this included many lots that were subsequently injected into the human population). This means that much of the mRNA that was present was not the complete mRNA sequence that would produce the entire intended spike protein. These partial mRNA fragments (termed truncated mRNA), in turn appeared to have two potential consequences (these are based on my own understanding of the subject—the regulators only asked for but did not specify the potential consequences of truncated mRNA).

The first is that it would either not produce a protein or produce an incomplete spike protein, in both cases causing the vaccine to produce a lower than intended amount of complete spike protein (which is produced from the intact mRNA) and thus a lower than expected antibody response. The second was that the truncated mRNA species could produce potentially pathologic proteins and there was no practical way to assess the safety of these proteins (remember that the spike protein has multiple toxic components and since there are so many different ways the mRNA could be truncated it is impossible to test each of them).”

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Finally it’s getting somewhere!! We knew it would be from foreign countries, certainly not the US, as we are too censored. I do believe that Crimes Against Humanity will prevail. Good vs evil. Thanks so much for the report Ana!!

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I hope this is the beginning of many lawsuits and criminal charges. It feels like this maybe a turning point with all the studies coming out. The truth won’t be suppressed forever.

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here some news for the UN-jabbed:


please click the first video and listen to the official science whistleblower: graphene is being sprayed via geoengineering efforts!!! We ALL are affected by this exotic highly toxic substance, cutter of every protein, every DNA/RNA.... Dr. Noack lost his life not for nothing.. We all need to STOP not only the gene therapy injections, but equally geoengineering, which belongs into the black budget operations area. The equally scary criminal depopulation activity.

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Very good article as always, Thank you!


Remember this man (who misteriously died after he made that video) and almost nobody wanted to talk about, actually he was not taken seriously and forgotten ?

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Hi doctor, just read your comments on the Epoch article regarding the Colorado study on the vaccinated transmitting to the unvaccinated.

I think you remember my story on an earlier post of yours and a run in with a co-worker.

Would it be wise to take a treatment of Ivermectin to be on the safe side?

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Re: Nuremberg2: We might better organize a truth and reconciliation commission with the power to grant amnesty to mid-level criminals, so that they might come forward and testify against higher-ups. We are not going to survive if we put all the guilty doctors in jail! See


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These folks I used to know who got injected .

They just ain't the same.

Something came and ate their brains.

Beyond an awful shame.

A crime yet to be named.


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So, if the spike protein itself doesn’t do enough damage the graphene nanoparticles are in to finish the job.

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Your last show with Stew was so powerful. I pray for you every day. WHY hasn't RFK Jr. come forth?

WHY's are so plentiful now, those that do NOT come forward are either "on the take" or scared for what they will face FOR coming forward. They must be all called out for the silence of their actions.

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Meanwhile, the Leftist "fact checkers" here in the US are suggesting any evidence of abnormal clotting as reported by embalmers and pathologists do not prove a connection with the vaccines.

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