The only defense against these evil psychopaths is to put on the whole armor of God. Without divine intervention we have no chance.

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If the blood is no different, why have unvaxxed people died after getting a transfusion with vaxxed blood? Why are so many phlebotomists saying they can tell the difference immediately? Why are embalmers finding massive stringy clots? Why are there so many strokes and clots in vaxxed? This really makes no sense.

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Bullshit. I have had a D-DIMER test. I never got vaccinated either. My blood is 100% perfect. I will put money into that.

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So WHY are the vaxxed dying in astonishing numbers, while the unjabbed are going about their lives as usual?

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Yet again another reason to ensure Carnicom Institute Research is front & center > undeniable proof (via isolation) ALL Life is being systematically exposed to what appears to be DNA altering endocrine disruptors & neurotoxins > serving the Transhumanist Agenda

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Dr Ana. I wish you would investigate the Detoxamin EDTA suppositories. Do they work to clear the blood of nanotech? Not everyone has access to IV-EDTA.

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If that's true, then it makes no sense to even resist the jabs - we're ALL going to die from the lethal cocktails. Only a full-scale human revolution can save what's left of our countries.

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Finally. The most important aspect of this entire scamdemic has arrived. This is where the demographic evolution will occur. This discussion is the absolute core of what will determine who is left standing in this fight for our lives and liberty. Those who reject what Maria Zeee and Dr. Ana are saying - will get to die from their denial.

I learned I was Morgellons positive in 2014. I took the Carnicom Institute's (www.carnicominstitute.org) gum pulling sample test. I got something out of my mouth that looked just like the photos in the instructions. If anyone would like the instructions, just e-mail me at: allcomm1@protonmail.com.

It freaked me OUT. I cracked a molar trying to rid myself of these things with the gum pulling test. [You can't get rid of them that way and the acidic grape juice or red wine will just start cracking your teeth.]

I was exhausted a lot and more... so, I started learning to eat more iron because a lot of the varieties of these things hijack your iron by inserting tendrils into the red blood cells. Finally, I learned that these bio-synthetic organisms love acid environments. If you put some in a petri dish with red wine, they will double their population overnight. So, I went alkaline with my diet and I am still learning ways to do this. I just started taking baking soda every day - sometimes more than once if my stomach feels acidic. For the real deal on going alkaline - go to www.drrobertyoung.com for advice on how to take your body alkaline. He's the man. That was the ONLY way to reduce the count of these organisms until Dr. Ana found out about EDTA.

Along the way, I watched a 45 minute episode of the UK program Discovery Science called "Owning The Weather." I tried to get a copy of it but the folks at UK Discovery Science said it wasn't available. It was made in the 1990's and now mostly scrubbed from the internet. Another documentary called Owning the Weather was made to confuse people. Don't be fooled...:)))

Anyway, I listened while the British interviewer ask DOD defense contractor Ensco (in Falls Church, VA) executive John Manobianco if there was any danger if we inhaled his company's MicroElectrical Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) or "weather transponders" after they were sprayed from airplanes into the atmosphere. Mr. Manobianco chuckled and said, "Oh no, they're so tiny we'll just sneeze them out or cough them up." Then he said,"They just come down in the rain and continue to transmit data!!" Whooeeee!!! No kill switch.

And now we have a disease condition called Morgellons. Check out the videos. I am lucky. I don't have lesions with filaments that have numbers on them or are shaped like gargoyles and insects. The version in me must be a later one that the immune system doesn't react to so strongly...

I transcripted that portion of the interview and will be happy to provide a copy. Just send me an e-mail. For the whole deal on the saturation of the planet with this nastiness, read the trilogy by Elana Freeland. Her last book is called Geoengineered Transhumanism. It's pretty epic and is about to be split into two books for re-publishing.

I understand how people on this blog are wigged out. I was too. But all I can tell those of you who want to reject this information - is that you reject it at your own peril. We are not in Kansas anymore.

Acidic people are going to get cancer. Alkaline people are not. Injection status doesn't matter. Everyone has to detox. You have to resign yourself to shoveling this shit out, as fast as the powers that shouldn't be shovel it in.

The practice of chelation (latin root "to bind") comes from initial attempts to remove tin from sick tin miners. After IV chelation treatments - dripping EDTA into the bloodstream for 30-45 minutes and then the patient pees it out - the miners were rejuvenated. Their age was rolled back 10 years. Their cardio performance was amazing. Today, the practice of chelation is amazing. The list of benefits is VERY long.

EDTA cannot pass through the digestive system. It has to be administered into the bloodstream directly. That's why the only way you can do it is either IV treatments in a clinic, suppositories (Detoxamin and others), or creams (Somahealth and others). I agree with Dr. Ana. If a person has never detoxed the heavy metals out of their body, the IV treatment would be the most effective.

I have been taking food grade diatomaceous earth (dietary clay) for 7 years because of the geoengineering spraying. When I learned about EDTA from Dr. Ana, I tried it immediately as a suppository from Detoxamin (cheapest I could find at $165.00 for 30 day supply).

Not fun but I can tell you - I feel WAY better. I don't take it every day. Only if I feel like I have been in public too much. Emotionally I feel much better because I know that finally I am doing something that will dissolve those nasty filaments.

I don't go out in public. I don't stand close to anyone who's injection status I don't know. I hold my breath sometimes when I pass sick looking people in stores. I speed shop early am or just before closing. Mornings are best because the air in the stores is better. I don't attend public events. I don't have people over unless they are un-injected and un-contaminated. I train on my network to get them to do at least the food grade diatomaceous earth. When people do come to visit, we meet outside weather permitting. I have two restaurants I will go to - but only at 2:00pm after the lunch rush when the places are mostly empty. I would never eat at a chain restaurant of any kind - that food is straight off the agribusiness glyphosphate saturated food chain - and glyphosphate is massively inflammatory to the gut and carcinogenic. I have a greenhouse I am slowly learning to manage. I hope to start growing something other than houseplants :)) this summer. I will germinate things for my raised beds. I will put the clean seeds in my mouth for 9 minutes to get my DNA on them, so the plant will know how to grow to heal me (Ringing Cedars Movement).

I have things I want to do. I am going to live. I meet more and more people who think like me, live like this, and are detoxing. I hope the folks on this blog who are not understanding the gravity of the situation we are in, will check out the information I have suggested, and join us soonest.

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AND TREAT THEMSELVES! I have been talking about passive exposure and the need for treatment (Basic Stack and Extended Stack, not US 'healthcare', which is a risk and gaslighting the injured) since getting very sick in May 2021 and relapses multiple times that year. I stopped going out much but I have that option. No regular job. Others don't.

Protective: Negative ionizers for the air, intranasal rinse or spray after being out or end of day; KN95 made worn 100% of the time in risky settings, but brief also counts, 1-2 hours better than lengthy exposure - medical settings, busy restaurant, poorly ventilated or grungy, higher risk.

*This paragraph was updated for clarity (2/17): Exosomes are basically virus by another name, very similar, but with more known functions in the body - for intrabody communication and can be shared with others who have a surface marker that matches enough for uptake of the exosome. Pheromones are a type of exosome that passes from one person to another. My document: Exosomes, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1we_CeUrj-6awxQRc4Bq85gfNzVvgwmKbzhRSbN42DEU/edit?usp=sharing

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1. Dr Ana is 1000% spot on accurate. I'm living it, as a cyborgization-mutated bio-hacked non-jabbed.

2. (Oct 12 2010, R+D of Experimental Biophysics Group--University of Southern California)

Bacterium-spawned Nanowire Acting as Conductive Bio-Appendages


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fear mongering

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Put your trust in God! PERIOD!

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Wow, Ana, this is my first time here at your substack, and geez....are folks ever upset about his message.

Hey, people, calm down. Don't like the message, just kill the messenger!!

Now, here's some nice music for you. go back to sleep, you are safe safe safe


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Ok, let's try and clear things up a bit around here.

What we have is transhumanism technology in the air and in the injections.

The technology that is being sprayed is known as morgellons.

Morgellons are microscopic FIBERS* that grow and build networks. You can see them with the naked eye but you would think it's dust. With a cheap USB microscope you'll learn a lot.

* and other stuff but let's keep it simple

These fibers also turn up in some of the vaccine videos. However, the advanced chips in the vax videos I haven't seen in the morgellons materials. So let's recap.

1. Morgellons build the networks, it's "primitive" transhumanism tech, see it as computer cabling.

2. The vax provides the higher intelligence devices, see it like the processor of a computer.

3. The networks and "the chip(s)" connect and the transhumanism system can be operated.

4. The technology infused body will communicate with the internet most likely via wireless though light (optical) communication is also on the table.

I'm not vaxxed and don't have a MAC address (alone in the forest) though I see a lot of anonymous MAC addresses when I scan where I live.

I'm not a fan of the shedding theory, getting people scared of each other for infection while the "infection" is literally being dumped from the skies: the Morgellons tech parasites. Morgellons researchers know it grows more rapidly when exposed to EMFs* and I saw reports the vaxxed emit a lot of radiation so perhaps that's what's going on in the shedding story.

*electromagnetic frequencies aka wireless

It's well known blood cells do the rouleaux formation (sticking together like rods) under influence of EMFs. Let's not forget a new frequency has been added, 5G, and wireless devices are increasing steadily everyday.

Everybody has morgellons, fortunately not everybody has morgellons disease (or syndrome, whatever) because that's an horrendous chronic infliction.

It's the most horrible story you'll ever hear but it seems to me it's the truth, at least for morgellons as I did my due diligence to track those things down and they were not hard to find.

I read morgellons pile up in the gums from eating the food that has been sprayed and that they are attracted to red wine. People have been doing this test and I have done it too and made a video about it. Spoiler alert, there were morgellons. At least, that is my view of the result, you can make up your own mind.


In regard to the vax, I have to rely on videos I found on the internet and I think that is true those contain the advanced technology too but I cannot put skin in the game there.

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