I found out I was Morgellons positive in 2014. It took a while but I made peace with it. By going alkaline and taking anti-parasitics - I was able to reduce the level of contamination to the point where my body still operated well.

But these injected people... and whatever is being sprayed now in the chemtrails - is really messing me up. IF someone has gotten the whole cocktail or been heavily contaminated - I cannot be around them without my musculoskelal system degradation. It has happened over 5 times now, so denial is a luxury I can't afford. Watching "Died Suddenly" and Dr. Ana's work on un-injected contamination sealed the deal.

One of my friends says it is the frequency the injected are radiating that harms me. It's too late now for me to want to get near anyone who's injected with my EMR meter to find out. I'm done. When my turn comes to sue and get all litigious, I am going to do so on the basis of being denied free association with my fellow ciitizens.

This may sound crazy, but I love everyone on some level and I adore chatting with strangers - so this is a real hardship for me and I'm really pissed about it.

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I have been forwarding your articles on shedding to my unvaxxed friends who have expressed their concern. Thank you for your research.

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Dr. Ana, in a comment attached to the Michael Roth memorial, I mentioned that I had my blood recently examined under dark field microscopy by a cell biologist PhD. She lives 5 min from me (what a gift!). Although I haven't been vaccinated since 1969 and pursued a healthy dietary journey I was a bit shocked and humbled to find many of the slides resemble exactly your photos of blood with Rouleaux, clumping and bundles of fibrin. She (the biologist) follows your work and would like to know the brand of microscope from S. Africa that you have mentioned.

Also of interest: there are scalar frequency generators that entrain the biofield to mitigate potential EMF damage. Before and after dark field blood work show a complete de-clumping of Rouleaux formation most likely by depolarization of the cell wall with the consequence of freeing up oxygen.

Thank you for your continued vigilance, urgency, and insight.

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60GigaHertz has said almost everything I was about to say, exactly. I love you, man—intellectually, of course. I’ve always loved people—the intelligent individual, diversity and culture…so being forced to stay isolated from the majority-vaccinated makes it impossible to live a normal life—whatever the hell that means, anymore. Everything is so bloody backwards. I’m sorry to say this, but the vaccinated should be the ones to be forced into isolation or mandatorily-forced to wear laboratory-grade space suits in public, paid for by the lawyers who trapped us all. How the bloody hell does it make any sense that those of us who protested and resisted following the blinded sheep must be forced to suffer the costs of the brainwashed and stubborn-stupid still insisting, lining up for their third, fourth, fifth…vaxx still wearing those ridiculous face diapers? I just had an exchange with Michael Moore’s chat, and it was so painful to still have random, intelligent, beautiful people treat me like shit for insisting they have it all wrong. I‘ve never been a conspiracy theorist. I’ve always been a “Things Just Don’t Make Any Goddamn Sense, researcher. I had to, because American education, both private and public, had failed me so terribly, and the same goes with the “intelligently-corrupt and criminal” Government and Media. I want compensation!

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I remember reading stories a few years ago about people who were suffering from Morgellons.

Doctors didn't believe them and often said it was "all in their head" or caused by stress, anxiety, etc.

So how did those fibers end up coming out of people's skin?

Were they vaccinated recently? Or is there a connection to Lyme disease? The weaponized ticks created at Plum Island, Long Island...another US government disaster.


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Where are these filaments coming from, how is the c19 nanotechnology getting into the unvaxxed? I can't believe we're all being poisoned from chemtrails, food and from vaxxed. Am guessing the water supply is also being targeted.

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How are you going to be able to prove that live blood has changed since COVID shots? Without some kind of proof, the work of you and your colleagues is going to continue to be ignored.

Here's an idea. Take a look at animal blood. But were you ever looking at animal blood before COIVD? Has any animal blood changed? Sure, some animals can get COVID. But pick an animal that does not get COVID and see if that blood has changed. Or take a look at animal blood of animals that got COVID and compare it to blood from animals that did not get COVID.

If it's something that's raining down on us from airplanes spraying it out, then it should be seen in animal as well as human blood.

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All seems a bit hopeless, I can't go live in a remote cabin, and constantly exposed to these jabbed sheep spreading their crap everywhere!

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What {if any } is the difference betrween vaxxed and unvaxxed blood? PPL incl Todd Callender and other sites sat those who took vax took the Mark of the BEAST. Such a choice would need to be conscious w full knowledge and free will.

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There vaccine is self spreading, like when they jab members of a herd and it spreads to the rest.

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Yes! I have shungite jewelry from Russia. It's not really daily wear stuff though... I've tried Q-Link pendants (plastic and metal) and I'm switching to an orgonite pendants. I have shungite in otherforms - statues and cubes all over the house... plus chunks outside around the trees.

There are a lot of pendants out now so it's hard to know which one will really work. I even saw one for $10,000 once. Dios mio!! No way.

I'm going to learn to make chemtrail busters soon. I have enough stuff to build six of the big ones that clear the air for a 10 mile radius and people who will stash them on their properties. The'y're going to be anchored to the ground, camo painted and have caution signs on them...

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Hey Doc ... i have a question. Do you think that the "dirty electricity" (EMF generated through lack of insulation in electric wires) generated by most smart meters (in homes equipped with smart meters) would lead to the same kind of growth of structures you're seing in the blood of the jab-free ?

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Ana and all,

Thank you for your work as I am learning a lot from your research!

You and the other researchers have done a wonderful job growing the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION with all the serious Treason evidence.

But, now we The People are way past time UNITING! How about EVERYONE awake repeat the following…TIME TO TALK ABOUT UNITING TO SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!

The next step has to be UNITY of ALL awake persons in a real Freedom Movement in 1 direction with the same messaging with real strategic planners who know how to address ALL the Treason!

NO other organization has had any wins the past 3 years like the NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER that is mentioned below!

UNITED, We can do anything we want!

Divided, there is nothing we can do!

Lex Greene, important writer with a serious resume writing about unity…



P.S. My gloves came off 15 years ago, working with the NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER group. I highly suggest if you want to unite with brilliant, strategic minds actually working real solutions…contact Lex Greene!

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Excellent article as always is it ONLY AC current that has been tested? And shows this, what about DC current devices have they been equally tested?

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Ulrike Granogger of the Future Science Foundation has done several talks on the nature of our DNA, medical nanobots, gene editing and the linguistic and contextual basis of the DNA. The first one is entitled The Wave Genome. Professor Peter Gariaev who died mysteriously in 2020 was a leading researcher in the morphological and spiritual components of our DNA. I would love to learn from a conversation between you two. Thank you for your work and dedication.

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Dr. Ana, It would be so helpful to know how various C19 injection ingredients work together for nefarious purposes; nanotechnology, venom, mRNA, and spike proteins. The information is becoming so fragmented and confusing. Thank you.

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