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Dr Ana, why are non-injected people seeing you, do they not feel well or are they just getting ahead of things by having this blood analyzed? This is truly alarming, as I am sure many reading here are proactive in safe guarding their health with various protocols, and have been thru out the last three years. Are we also ticking time bombs?

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What I am wondering if the elite understand the phenomenon of no person left behind or do they have an antidote? See if you can do an analysis of billy gates’ blood if he has any

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I'm vehemently un-injected, un-masked, un-cooperative since day one in every social environment. I have embraced hermit life to limit my exposure to the injected as much as possible.

In 2014 I discovered I was Morgellon's positive with the CarnicomInstitute.org Gum Sampling method. If you want a copy of the flyer, send an e-mail to: alllcomm1@protonmail.com. About a year later, I learned about alkaline diets and dropped my Morgellon's count to 1/3rd. I started taking Wormwood, increased my iron, and kept moving.

I am 63 yrs old. I'm pretty tough from blue collar work and other training. In the beginning of 2022, I concluded an 18 month run to get out of one state, get to the Appalachian foothills, and then go back and fix the first place for sale. And then I collapsed and slept for two months...

But when I started wanting to get moving again, I never really got back to my normal high energy level. I've just sort of dragged butt this past year. I increased my detoxes, slept more, changed my diet - but nothing restored me to my normal motivation and energy - and I got way fatter than normal and developed arthritis in my back (kidney issues). I also lived through 5+ cycles of musculoskeletal destruction from exposure to injected folks. For a while there it seemed like I was always broken in some way...

Then a couple of weeks ago I did this guided meditation:

Angels of Serenity Transmission: Transmuting Anything that Disturbs Your Peace.


It has a bunch of stuff in it for stopping 5G and AI. I sleep with these things on loop softly. When I woke up the next day I felt like me again. It was profound. I started doing more AI / nano killing frequency work with the folks on Youtube, and I'm finally getting better.

I'm losing weight now. I've got the project train running again. I'm finishing books again. I'm gearing up to learn to prepare raw food and get the glow:))))))

I really believe that the contagious injections have introduced a new form of nano/micro bio-synthetic shit, that activates under massive electromagnetic radiation physical assault from radar-based devices found in the carcinogenic smart grid, Elon Musk's 12,000 "5G" satellites, the 5G masts, the GWEN system and several other military systems... (See Elana Freeland's books for details).

So, I am going to tap into Angelic Protection, wear aura strengthening pendants, EMR protection clothes, exercise, etc. I think we're going to need help from the other side to get through this war intact - and I know they are ready to help us if we ask. Hugs!!

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Dr. Ana: don’t you suspect the daily aerial spraying that all of us are subjected to— vaxced and unvaxced alike — is forcing all of us to breathe in not just heavy metals but graphene oxide and god-knows-what-all whenever we go outside? Every time it snows here I think “poison snow”. Two years in a row I have made snowballs of my garden snow, carried them to the sink and tried to melt them with a lighter. No melting, it just scorches black and stinks of burning plastic.

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Dr. Ana, we are under so very many assaults, may I ask you a question that is beyond Carnicom's blood studies, to the general topic of geo-engineering & HAARP poisoning? Both my husband and I find that we've got Vagus nerve or CNS autonomic disruptions, like irregular or skipped heartbeats, or weak and faint feelings with temperature and blood pressure changes. This is worse at night. Often, we wake to all silver skies or a mix of silver with wide swaths of HAARPed trails and know "they" have been busy while we sleep. We are wondering if your research has revealed that not just thoughts/impulses but physical changes like I've described can be conveyed to us now? We understand that we are energetic beings, with the physical body simply being the most dense of our bodies, but until now hadn't considered that ALL of these bodies could be intentionally impaired or altered. (to be clear, we are unvaccinated and focus on keeping our bodies and minds as safe as possible from all outside assaults.) Your thoughts? Thank you.

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Covid = virus; latin for poison.

All vaccines are poison.

Former military; refused to be poisoned.

Not having taken the “clot shot” does not mean your blood was not poisoned i.e; flu shot etc.

I knew a vet who went in for a flu shot only asked for paperwork afterwards it read: flu/covid.

This was in early 2021 when he asked why it read this way he was told by the VA that was their protocol that they were giving “combo” vaccines.

He was beyond anger I had no words but prayer for him.

The covid has never been “isolated”; if you believe in viruses thats all you have is a “belief” because you cannot see them…it is a faith unto its own.

Read about Henrietta Lacks; it will open your eyes to the poison the Med Industry call “vaccines”.

Repent Serve the Lord

Jesus, I trust in You

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Where and how do we get the edta chelation treatment?

What a whole freaking terrible nightmare.

I’m also really concerned because there were strange findings in corpses as far as very high body temps after death.

I’m sure many more findings then we even know or that have been disclosed or discovered.

They’ve destroyed mankind, they have turned us all into computerized beings giving off blue tooth signals even after death

I can’t fathom to think what they have done to us, and all the animals , and all of nature

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I believe Kingston to be INCORRECT...The 'Bio/AI Nanotechweapon' is DARPA Designed and OWNED by the DOD and the whole SCAM was/is a 'FALSE FLAG MILITARY OPERATION/ATTACK' onto the U.S. Population. DOD/Govt. USED PHARMA...Many Pharma Companies for their name as the CHARADE making the WEAPONS APPEAR benign and positive to provide marketing for an accepting, PARANOID, TERRIFIED population...

Other than that fact...SHE'S 🎯🎯.

Katherine Watt's Substack, 'Bailliwick News', outlines the FAUX LAWS, Regulations, and Codes seeking to make PREMEDITATED AND DELIBERATE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY; MASS MURDER/GENOCIDE LEGAL over an extended duration of time beginning over 120 years ago and escalating since 1983...Or, 1986. The Oval Office has been corrupted since Nov. 1963 when Johnson was installed following Kennedy's assassination and the enemies of the people of the world began to expose themselves with Ford/Rockefeller being placed in the Office of VP and establishing the Trilateral Commission in 1973 in the Carter Administration.

Not only are the 'Bio/AI Nanotechweapons' defined 'Prototype'. They also are designated by the DOD as 'Countermeasures' (Medical Countermeasures actually), which is the designation assigned to refer to 'WEAPON' in the DOD terminoloy; as well as 'DEMONSTRATIONS' when referred to in Pharma Contracts, according to both Katherine Witt in her Substack and Sasha Latypova's Substack titled 'Due Diligence and Art."

The U.S. population MUST awaken to remember ourselves as the only ARMED POPULATION IN THE WORLD and our weapons are NOT Teddy Bears and Blankies to provide warm/fuzzies providing SECURITY. THERE is a reason the Founding Population...INCLUDING WOMEN AND MINORITIES ALSO FIGHTING IN THE REVOLUTON included the second amendment and it is to MAINTAIN OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC AS OUR RESPONSIBILITY.


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Clifford Carnicom has worked w/author and researcher Elana Freeland, who in turn has worked w/Canadian herbalist Tony Pantalleresco. Tony has developed a protocol for treating the hydrogel/nano particles. Part of this treatment consists of using anti-nano devices that he developed which emit EMPs. These devices are stronger than something like a TENS machine or the like (which make things worse). Those who are uninjected can use these. For both injected and uninjected people, he recommends a hydrogen peroxide and vinegar solution (the details can be found on Podbean - "The independz's Podcast").

I think initially using IV EDTA as per Dr Ana, is advisable as it will dissolve the hydrogel and remove heavy metals. After that I think Tony's treatment, plus EDTA cream (which Dr Ana recommends), is the way to go for maintenance.

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Having intensly microscopicly studied my blood for more than four months, taken over eight hundred pictures and having found as many as 46 carbon based ribbons in a drop of blood, I have drawn a few conclusions that I think need to be considered. First let me say that I am 86 years old and have been around the block more than once. I am unjabbed! I strongly believe that the truth of all this needs to be accurately presented to all who will listen and no room left for the naysayers to mock or rebuff what we are saying. With that said, let me address the issue of ‘live blood analysis’! I have come to call it ‘stagnant blood analysis’! The blood in our arteries and capillaries are constantly turbulently moving and stacking and clumping cannot happen! This can be easily demonstrated by tapping or lightly pressing the cover slide over the blood sample and you immediately see turbulence in which the stacks break up and flow freely. I can think of an exception to this. That is the case of varicose veins where pooling happens (stagnant blood) which often result in blood clots. (personal experience) The point I am making is that the idea that stacked blood limits the transfer of oxygen and nutrients is not based on good logic or science and could easily be discredited by the naysayers! Morrie

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Thank you for your amazing work and for getting this info out!


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I was going to mention Elana Freeland, then I saw her mentioned in the last paragraph. I'm looking forward to seeing that video.

I've been dealing with a minor case of Morgellen's for several years. I did some research and found a guy talking about it being a fungus. Elana told me no, it was those three classes. She also got that from CC.

It first showed up some months after I began writing on Substack in late 2020. It only appears in the top of my legs where they are exposed to emf/s from the laptop on the pullout board of my desk - in spite of the fact that I have shungite next to the laptop.

I noticed that right around that time I also developed a need to drink a lot more water. I now typically drink about 2 to 2.25 gallons of water a day - from my pristine well. I find as long as I drink at least that much I have no symptoms.

The Morgellen's has diminished to the point of being nearly nonexistent, by my water requirements have not gone down.

Is there any correlation between Morgellens and rouleaux formation in the blood?

Do you think those who are suffering from rouleaux blood formation may benefit from drinking more water? Preferably structured water? My guess is that, when I'm symptomatic (light headed, dizzy, throbbing in the head) my blood may be in rouleaux formation. I notice a tendency to be more symptomatic after a long day on the computer vs working outside on the farm for much of the day.

Getting plenty of sunshine seems to help. Would that have anything to do with the formation of the hormone D in the skin?

Any thoughts?

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I know why the professional athletes are dropping on the field. I was in the wireless industry for 22 years. We put what we called small cell in stadiums all over the US. And I am positive they we put in all over the world.

Combine that with everyone on there phones using Hotspot, whether they knew it was on or not, were adding to the signal.

I have screen shots and in some cases actual PDF copies of scientific research papers saying what is in these injections.

One is actually called the " Devil's Elixir " I am not kidding. It refers to the metal part of what Dr. Ana is speaking of. Even people who don't understand scientific lingo, can just look at the diagrams and see what is going on.

This is the main mechanism that makes everything work. I found all of this in the last 24 hours on nature web site. Please let me know how I can get this material to you. It will save you a bunch of time and effort.

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Mindblowing. I've been tracking the contents of the vials ever since word came out. But this is the first time I'm seeing Hydrogel polymers vs Graphene Oxide. And to have this analysis of Morgellons is so affirming to all those afflicted. Strangely, Joni Mitchell was/is a Morgellons victim yet she used her position to advocate for masks and vaccines. The mind-control psyop has been devastating. I can only say this is truly evil at work to destroy not just humanity but all life on earth into a transhumanist nightmare. Ultimately, I believe their endgame is a post-human world.

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Thank you.

this is the Phase 3 discovereries now, for humanity.

its not only graphene but also bio synthetic life forms that invade the blood of the vaccinated (and we hope not , the unvaccinated.)

the new video of Kelly Bacher is a must watch , i think everyone in research has to see this

we dont know if it is growing from the Hydrogel, but its not graphene ribbons now, that are appaearing, even if GO is absolutely present , by quantum dots as KK says

the technology is so advanced and sooooo . complex that we, poor humans , are just more and more amazed and also, terrified § if you are not angry and scared by this, you are not human

the only way to get a sort of peace is to know WHAT it is , and what works to kill these things without killing the host, the Person.

to know if the unvaccinated are at risk of seeing these creatures in their blood or not ( i think NOT )

even Sci FI movies did'nt get that far. in scenarios.

remember Karen Kingston said in the Zee Video with you Dr Ana, that there was not only metals and Qdots and graphene but also bio synthetic worms , sea worms, genetically ingineered ( i coul 'nt catch the name of the worm )

Celeste Solum also says that the fake ' vaccines 'include not only Q dots and GO and metals, but include modified ' life forms ' , synthetic life forms from 3 domains , parasitic inginneered entities in the so called vaccines, from = plant , worms, Insects..

please watch Dr Ana and transfer to all your contacts doing research on these injections

Thank you


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Wireless system can Power and Command

DARPA /James Giordano 2018 They told us what they would do

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