Potential for a cover up... 🤣

Please, just call it what it is. A cover up! A lie! A scam! Useless humans running the world!

Pure evil 👿

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Wow, there are some new names to join the ones we've known about since 2020! Thank you, Dr Ana, for your continued work as a doctor and as a detective!

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It started like this. Back in the 90's, the Pentagon lab was working on a bioweapon - a virus that was immune to vaccines. When the president at the time found out, he closed it down and the Pentagon sent their Chinese scientists back to China, where they wound up in Wuhan. There, they continued to work on this bioweapon against which a vaccine would be ineffective, to cure the virus that is. They obviously not only succeeded, but vaccines were still produced, and will continue to be produced, that would sicken us with lifelong disabilities (from which Big Pharma made hundreds of billions of dollars in medications, to this day) and cause the death of millions of people, but also change our DNA with a messenger RNA (mRNA). The rest is genocidal history, into the future. It's about depopulation after all.

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One could almost think the powers that be were evil, lying, thieving, cheating, murderous scoundrels!

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Here's another one --- CDC PANDEMIC FOREKNOWLEDGE - Quarantine Personnel Hired 3 months Prior to Covid-19 Pandemic - https://justpaste.it/2nvqa

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Please help spread this so we can wake up the sleeping. This all ends the moment we can get the truth out.

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This is one of the most alarming things I've read since the start of the Covid era. I wonder what it would take to get media interested?????? If everyone read this... knew about this, it would be very powerful. We have to get our world back on track to being sane.

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there was NO "OUTBREAK " the "virus" was a psyop using a fake test and PROPAGANDA 24/7. The real bioweapon was always the death injection. Look in a Merck Manual from the 60's and find "virus" being called a "tiny parasite" so that explains the VILIFICATION of ivermectin and all PARASITE DRUGS...

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The BIGGEST scandal pulled on mankind-there it is, the documents are there.

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B•A•S•T•A•R•D•S! There’s so much incriminating evidence in plain sight.

How I wish the wicked who are responsible @ every level would be held accountable for their murderous, maleficent devilry. They should be deprived of their own lifeblood.

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Has anybody picked up on this?:

“It is puzzling why the DOD would contract a company specializing in infrastructure development for a biological threat reduction program.”

What could it mean? Cell towers?

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Hey Ana, I did something on this in October, and just as an aside, the DOD/DTRA did offer up an explanation. The Expose had originally run this post back in April, if I'm not mistaken.

(they have now run the post at least three times spaced out over the year.)

Here was my addendum that I added:

"In response to the first post, DTRA emailed a fact checker with the following explanation, more below in the pinned comment with link:

“No, DOD did not award a contract in 2019 for COVID-19 research. In this case, DTRA's contractor modified a task order in 10 June 2020 to assist Ukraine in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, many months after the pandemic had begun. However, the date in the database reflects the original date the Master Servicing Agreement was entered into the system.”

So, is this a plausible explanation?


It’s hard to trust either the DOD/DTRA or “fact checker” operations, especially given the discrepancies on DOD vaccine injuries and how they have been documented and revised.

But it is plausible, so I want to put it in the body of the post as well.

That said!

I kind of buried the lede under the The Exposé part.

It's not especially necessary for the prime question: what was DARPA’s Dr. Michael Callahan doing sans authorization in Wuhan in late 2019?

The post reads as originally written."


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A brilliant and genuinely caring lady whom I trust implicitly. She is so generous with her time and research that I wish I could pay her . However I am stuck in a country, alone with a vaccine injured husband and no income for 4 years. I can only say

God bless you

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Karen Kingston posted this today. Very concerning. Read it carefully. If you understand the technical, you'll grasp what they're doing. This is horrific. https://www.news-medical.net/news/20221216/Researchers-report-the-development-of-robust-candidate-single-immunization-PNP-hydrogel-COVID-vaccines.aspx

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This needs to be on public media. We're out of time!

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