Thank you for your relentless work on this. The self replicating nano technology material from my experience spreads and is able to traverse distances within a wireless cloud of energy. When removing one's body from all EMF sources into a Faraday cage, it is easy to detect the material going dormant.

The conundrum we have is that to function in the world today we have to be around people in environments with toxic EMF. If we unplug off-grid and go into a remote region and area, then self-sufficiency is required and per militaries the estimated reported life expectancy is going to be 30 years of age or so.

Therefore, co-existing with this material requires, from my personal experience, ensuring you are not around people that give you headaches (e.g. literally nano tech trained on negative thoughts and destructive behaviors), people eating unclean foods (I'm avoiding these as well), and ensuring full hydration with clean water and antioxidants eating plant and plant based proteins with fruits. I'm not eating any sugars at all, in my electrochemical engineer opinion the sugar energy is catalyzing turbo cancers. I'm also eating less and earlier in the day (try to).

Time will tell what works for all of us, I'm doing all that I can to communicate what works for me so that others can learn from what to do and what not to do (do not spend a lot of time in a faraday cage, read my prior blog post on that, which almost killed me).

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I don't trust any supplements, any fluids, anymore, especially anything we are using to detox from this horror show - until they are all tested/scoped. Almost all have been shown to be contaminated. They've captured everything, so of course any and all detoxes would have been the first on their list to be poisoned. They finally got to ivermectin, so of course they are approving it now.

matt j.a.o.b has tested vitamin c - the crystal packet - and he found it had the Dots- and everyone is taking 10,000 a day...? ...might be a good idea to avoid massive doses of nanotech/bioweapons...and get our own scopes?

Thank you, Ana, for all that you do, but it might be time to recommend a microscope that we all might be able to afford so we can test our own supplements and detoxes from now on.

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It would be interesting to see the following experiments under the microscope:

unvaxxed blood+shot+x

(x should be added after at least 15 min of interaction of unvaxxed blood and shot)

1.) x = 1 drop of CaNa2EDTA

2.) x = 1 drop of alpha lipoic acid

3.) x = 1 drop of liposomal vitamin C

4.) x = 1 drop of DMSA

5.) x = combination of 1-4

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Work brings the LLM reasoning closer to human thinking or brain mechanisms such as recurrence, both of which form complex networks.






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Identify the size of each item what you are looking at. Live cells structures are much larger than one would guess and there are 80-100 Billion of them dying daily at an average with higher amounts from anaerobic bacterium (the basic structures along with anaerobic fungi as the blood is no longer able to provide oxygen) and there are structures of nano-bacterium but it is a fully functional single celled animal doing what it is supposed to do when cells are dying in mass especially when the living creature is dead.

There are 70-100 trillion enzymes (the word that the world idiots and liars call virus which are only protein chains and are not alive and are created within the cells if you have seen Necroskopy electron microscopy, and the break through the cells wall (mostly in the human GI tract) which immediately closes up.

Dead organic matter is eliminated, much like a detergent with ENZYMES! as in the Princeton document of the notes of Pasteur proved him to be a fraud 1995 G.L. Geison - The Private Science of Louis Pasteur, and then the idiocy of the virome speaking out both sides of their mouths from Cold Spring Harbor Eugenics of NY, beginning in the UK Sir Francis Galton, a statistician that doesn't understand the science as my degree and professions were decisions sciences (don't get me started on AI and Genetics) and this article should make you furious, https://www.cshl.edu/the-non-human-living-inside-of-you/ and it only gets worse with the Koch's postulates being nothing more than a child's comedy. If any disease could create a pandemic with the size of a virus as stated and in cold spring harbor's https://www.cshl.edu/the-non-human-living-inside-of-you/, there would be no life and before and after Bechamp all had detailed documentation of real science that showed a healthy environment and food supply (eliminate all of the idiocy of pasteurization and UV-C as it destroys the bacteria that helps in digestion which is what the US government did in the 60s along with Florida, aluminum and earlier mercury, the last which are extremely deadly neurotoxins that DO NOT LEAVE THE BODY and are now, with nano-aluminum, all in the brain which never leaves. So much for the dumbing down of everyone and the death of everything as the pesticides and herbicides are just as deadly and destroy the foundation of healthy soils which create healthily bodies. Read the article for factual information "Healthy Soils, Healthy People; The Legacy of William Albrecht". We have all but destroyed the future of all life from institutions with $ in their eyes and know wisdom. The fools that performed the unimaginable are trying to blame those who use their products while the makers knew in advance the detriment to life itself but figured their fake science which is dead for years now, will help them.

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I sure do appreciate all your work Ana but its worth mentioning my story again.

In August 2021 I was still at my old job and on a Friday I came back from my run and took some stock back to returns and one of our other drivers came up to me and asked if I could take his too and I said said of course Glen and he proceeded to thank me by grabbing my upper arm skin to skin.

Unknown to me at the time he had his second Pfizer shot on the day before on Thursday.

Now continuing with story I went home and we had the weekend and the Tuesday that followed I woke up at 3 am and knew something was wrong, I had a fever, was dizzy and felt weak. Went to computer room and all 3 got worse after 10 minutes or so.

My wife ran a room temp bath for me and I jumped in and took 50,000iu vitamin d, quercetin and zinc and after an hour got out and went to bed for 4-5 hours and woke up and all the symptoms were gone.

A weel prior to this I got back my 4th vitamin d test since I learned in early 2020 that it had a protective effect against whatever was going on and my number was at 82ng.

I have absolutely no doubt that if it was not that high I would have been in serious distress.

I have not stopped at Vitamin d, I take the whole gamut of vitamins and nutrients along with a few ionic versions of boron and magnesium and lipsomal vitamin c, pine bark extract, serrapatese, curcumin, iodine, baking soda, MSM, DMSO, nattokatise, nitric oxide, ivermectin, potassium powder there are others as well and I take this to help them all work better, molybdenum.

And I am obviously still alive and kicking.

Some things I have but have yet to use are collodial silver and MMS.

Some info for those curious about Molybdenum.



I add this one because its important to get copper while taking Molybdenum


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I don't have a microscope but I am a nurse and work with platelet rich fibrin- we draw someone's blood spin it down and retrieve the platelet rich fibrin to inject back into the patient for aesthetic purposes. I was not vaccinated, but I was exposed to a lot of people that were vaccinated. I did notice people's platelet rich fibrin seemed to clot slightly faster after the vaccine roll out, I couldn't prove it was happening because I didn't time it before vaccines came out. One day I decided to do my own PRF (platelet rich fibrin) injections. Before the nurse could microneedle it into my skin the platelets had formed a very large clot in the middle of the vial. I have factor V leiden a blood clotting disorder, which is harmless unless combined with other risk factors, such as oral birth control, surgery, flying, dehydration, sedentary lifestyle, obesity. I had none of these, BUT I had been exposed to the vaccinated patients over and over and my own family members who ignored my warnings and took the shot. So I've experienced side effects from second hand exposure to the vaccine and it really upsets me that people acted like unvaccinated people were "super spreaders" when the vaccinated are the actual super spreaders, creating more variants, and now we just have to live with this mRNA in our bodies indefinitely. And they are still so dumb they don't have a clue what they've done.

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Dr. Hulda Clark's supplements are all we trust--rigorously tested with the Syncrometer (detects the minutest toxins via frequencies, her invention which was way ahead of its time).


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The original messaging was about the vaccine having mRNA in it so that the body could produce the "spike" protein in it. Has the mRNA in Liquid Nano Particles LNPs been detected or not in any of the vaccines? From what I've dug into the materials in vaccines 2020-2023 are comprised of mesogens (quantum dots), graphenes and self replicating nanotechnology. Then the material enters the body, if the body is healthy (e.g. no parasites, high cholesterol, etc.) then it meshes with the Central Nervous System CNS and you get a "cyborg". However, if you've had parasites dormant and been eating unclean food (pork w/parasites in it), living with cats that have cat poop not changed out quickly (less than one day), then you synbio up the parasites already existing inside of your body that results in neurological issues. Further, the cholesterol clumps up the synbio and results in this weird synthetic paste that clogs arteries, etc.

Keep in mind with ChinaCCP deploying continually changing bioweapons on the world, the only way to protect people is to have nano scale crystals in your body vibrating at critical resonance frequencies that can be dispatched through trusted smart devices to real-time detect and squash a bioweapon attack from ChinaCCP. If you are not aware of any of the words above, then please do your research before commenting as the world is more advanced than meets your eye (cause it's literally hidden from your eyes). Humanity had no choice, to upgrade in order to counter ChinaCCP evil.

My protocol:

1) lots of clean water high pH water

2) plant based foods

3) high dose vitamin c

4) calcium-disodium-EDTA periodically

5) zinc

6) magnesium

7) methylene blue

8) fulvic acid

9) quercetine

10) resveratrol

11) kosher pickels

12) apple cider vinegar with the mother

13) NAC

14) Nattokinase

15) Borax (wash clothes in and foot baths)

16) Iodine Providone

17) anti-parasite (natural, synthesized, etc.)

18) baking soda (foot baths)

19) salts (foot baths and baths/showers)

20) chlorine (pool)

21) fasting (eat during 1/2 of the day earlier preferred then tapper off and quit eating five or so hours before bedtime)

22) Rife Machine(s) with transmitters

23) moderate exercise

24) indoor / outdoor balance for natural vitamin D.

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FLASH WARNING, Spanish Research Group La Quinta Columna has confirmed that the REQUIRED rabies vaccines for Dogs are infested with MRNA nanotech. start video at 2hr 1 minute 59 seconds 4 dogs out of 10 vaccinated developed turbo cancer within 6 months. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Nw2cWFmNFeUE/

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What magnification is used to obtain these shots? 200x? 2000x?

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PEOPLE WAKE UP PLEASE. Can someone with a DFM please repeat Dr Ana's live blood draw vial test post to coobarate findings. 1u can use meat blood. 2 leave in small bottle cap or jar. 3. Add cure 4 leave 4 hours 5 to at with DFM and bluetooth. Cures to test for medfive oral EDTA. VITC. AC. DE. CBDA. HA. CG. etc. TY.

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Would love for you to study my blood. I have the rouleux and spherical cytes

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Hey ana been reading your work for awhile..im vaccine injured and im almost certain ive got blood clots at age 41 ive been to every hospital from nyc to chicago and they claim i dont but i can feel them , they just keep telling me its something else at every hospital. Is there anyone who can just look at my dicomm files and confirm if they are lying ??? Please im begging here

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Dr. Ana - thank you for all you are doing. Have you reviewed CardioRenew oral chelation? It is not tablets, but drops.

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As per my understanding no one was prepared for the “pandemic” response but Gates Foundation, aka WHO… So he was prepared…

There is an option for English subtitles.


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