Ah yeah! Bill Gates from the Gates of hell is satans minion puppet who is responsible for the geoengineering / chemtrails. I pray daily God wipes his sorry evil azz off the face of His earth. I'd love to snap his scrawny neck!

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Gates can help but smirk his evil little smile when talking about harming / maiming and murdering people animals and plant life / food. Gates can't contain his glee to be a sinister minion puppet of satan. Seriously, look at any interview he has done and you will see the evil ooz from his face. I say Gates is the world's Destructive demon.

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Important to realize the full scope and impact of this ai nano gel that is covering the earth in a giant synthetic bio organism web. Note, wifi is ubiquitous, and wifi feeds the growth. Therefore, it is growing daily. Left alone, the only survivors on the planet, will be ai and black mold, as these two can thrive in microwave inundation, while real life, over time, will become sterile and extinct. This is the single greatest threat to mankind and the earth. Soulutions, require, a paradigm shift in our thought process. Big bold steps to stop geoengineering funding, stop and reverse telecom overelectrification, overinundation of artificial frequencies, and purify ourselves and our environment of this toxin, must take priority world wide.

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I've read that borax or Boron with pinch in 8 oz glass of water or instilled into nasal cavity greatly destroys the nanotechnology that is growing in most people on earth . Transhuminism is being forced on all on earth and I've read that when 5G is pulsed in our facility or in range can greatly cause unknown effects on us plus when 6G is introduced to us then it's a wrap. aluminum,barium,strontium, graphein,biologicals,polimers ore some of the Geoengineering nanotechnology that where being sprayed like bugs with and forced into us via. Air collum,most meats,water, and vegetables or other that the Geoengineering nanotechnology comes into contact with.

Occums Razer

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I would totally give him a sample of my blood. I guarantee it is a mess. My step father worked for these companies like darpa. He married my mother and commenced torturing all us kids with god knows what and exposed us to a trafficking world. However, while swaths of my memory have been wiped. Over the last several years I’ve been injected with stuff I have no idea about. I would just wake up over and over with large needle injection marks. Can’t find anyone to test me.

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!!!!!!!! WHO WILL DO SOMETHING? Let's send to all presidential candidates to see if anyone can bring this up. Who else? Tucker Carlson? Elon Musk? Dr., you need to get on the interview circuit!

Everyone needs to: (1) send this to their state and federal congressmen; (2) send to everyone you know; (3) tack this Substack link onto every Twitter and Substack article you see.

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100% they are trashing a beautiful jewell of a planet with a vibrant life force that they seem to hate. And human beings have a divine spark that could create a much better future if we choose a different path.

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I have been saying this for the last 10 years...sigh...Lyme...Molds also, all bioweapons. I am 65 now and never in my life felt well. Our parents too have also probably been killed by this unbearably evil filth. Ana tell your mother about the work you are doing for humankind and let us slap the faces of the vulgar cowards who are doing this to all of us!

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I’ve been saying it for years, but my theory was that the nano metallic particles being sprayed as a solar reflective excuse to be able to claim climate nonsense is actually being breathed in and getting triggered by 5G cell tower technology producing the turbo cancer crises we are in now, thank you for bringing so many crucial issues to the public!

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Dr. Ana,

George Green, years ago, ran a publishing outfit, called Global Insights, [nohoax.com], which produced a monthly paper catalogue featuring many Good Authors & books, videos, etc.

George is responsible for The Trilogy:

(V1) Handbook For The New Paradigm,

(V2) Embracing The Rainbow,

(V3) Becoming.

There was a final small pamphlet of about 30 pages, Messages To The Ground Crew.

George also produced yearly videos, called Updates, in these he explained many things.


In Your Article, you spoke of aluminum (Al) particulates entering soil.

I read a study, many years ago, about brain post-mortem evaluation of Alzheimer patients demonstrating uptake of higher than normal Al concentrations within brain tissue. (There may, have been MR or CT imaging correlation, of patient brain imaging prior to death. As you know, metals can distort magnetic & X-ray imaging, respectively.)

George said consider carefully eating carrots because they can absorb metals & perhaps other contaminates, from the soil.

I don't know if there are any scientific studies on metal contaimination concentration levels, within edible plant foods.

Thank You For Your Consistently Fine Work.

Dane Wiggington too.

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The demons implementing this are intent on murdering humanity and all natural life. Their key doctrine is to destroy God's creation and replace it with their own synthetic version. The freemasonry GAOTU.....

Information is important, but it is not enough. For those wanting solutions to nature destroying geoengineering, please join our solution-focussed campaign

Here for UK https://britonsforacleanatmosphere.uk/

Here for US and other countries


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Michael Merrick - please, can someone provide a link to Michael Merrick, I can't find anything via Web search.....

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I had a wierd dream weeks ago...was pulling something like spiderwebs from my arms, from inside my arms.

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“He who controls the weather controls the world” – Lyndon B. Johnson, 1962.

HAARP geoengineering (Climate Change) in Action:


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Not every country is participating. However we have noticed that someone is spraying outside of those country's airspacesansd allowing drift however it means much less contamination.

Costa Rica, Mexico (tho I can see it here from faroffshore and it does affect the atmosphere) however nothing overhead. I wish people would understand where and who is truly ground zero. I even examined tourist photos around the world and some seemingly have no trails. The sky was a nice deep blue in Costa Rica.

I wish everyone realize that it seems commonwealth and western controlled countries are the most affected. Why? Also the microwaving insanity does not exist here either!

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LAC microscopy doesn’t seem to be present on Telegram any longer. At least it doesn’t show up in any search.

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