Well this is another example of your truly GREAT WORK Dr. Ana.

Of course for decades the Morgellon theory was dismissed as being put forward by tin hat wearing conspirators. All the while behind the backs of humanity, people of science PLOTTED and coordinated their dark skills led by psychopaths like Bill Gates and the insanity behind a DEPOPULATION theory as well as making money by SICKNESS.

You would think it would be rational and logical (not to mention ethical) to LEAVE MOTHER NATURE ALONE .

But hell no, these insane people seemingly enjoy caring out highly DANGEDOUS EXPERIMENTS without having ANY IDEA of the OUTCOME, and in fact - their endless stupidity and broken moral compass could RAPIDLY BACKFIRE and BLOW UP in rheur faces when they ACCIDENTIALLY end up KILLING ALL OF US.

Gain of FUNCTION you say?

Editing GENES with CRISPR to make a great looking planetary human whom all have blond hair and blue eyes?



Oh my gosh and oh my God. What are we to do?

It is beyond evil, it is behind psychopaths gone wild, and it is here TODAY in a lab near you.

Perhaps we should just all launch the NUCS and get the end of the planet over with quickly before we harm and torture anyone else.

It's either that or,

1. Pray

2. Arrest and charge these idiots and MAKE THEM STOP and expose this

3. RISE UP as a UNITED planet and go to war against these mad-men that have planned this, refused to stop and want us dead .

It is a sad day in world history , and the light is fading .

Let's hope it is darkest before dawn.

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I performed 3 live blood analyses (LBA) of my own blood after the Moderna injection. In my first and third LBA I discovered those huge ribbons and was shocked, but also certain that even among the people who are supposed to be on our side there's a secret agenda to direct our attention away from these "contaminants" or don't mention them all. As you know the chemist Dr. Andreas Noack (one of Europes top graphene experts) had to die for confirming the existence of GO in these shots in early November 2021.

Just look at the first entry of live blood analysis on wikipedia from September 23, 2006:

"Live Blood Analysis (LBA), sometimes called Live Blood Cell Analysis, is a controversial diagnostic test used by some health care practitioners to determine a course of treatment. A drop of blood is taken from the patient's fingertip, put on a glass plate and viewed via a microscope on a video screen. "

And now compare that to the current version:

"Live blood analysis (LBA), live cell analysis, Hemaview or nutritional blood analysis is the use of high-resolution dark field microscopy to observe live blood cells. Live blood analysis is promoted by some alternative medicine practitioners, who assert that it can diagnose a range of diseases. There is no scientific evidence that live blood analysis is reliable or effective, and it has been described as a fraudulent means of convincing people that they are ill and should purchase dietary supplements. "

This whole article is referencing to a lot of newspaper articles. So how are these newspaper articles providing any evdidence that this method is "quackery"? Even the other references have very poor statements that don't prove anything. By reading such one-sided articles, you are not able to fully understand the benefits it can bring to you.

In my opinion LBA is a great tool complementary to a detailed blood test . So basically you are combining qualitative and quantitative analyses.

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I am still waiting for clear evidence that electro-magnetic radiation from cell phone networks are the root cause of a multitude of ailments. Collaboration with Russian scientists who are following up on Yuri Grigoriev's work may be MOST productive at this stage.


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God Bless every single Truth Teller on here. Thank you Dr. Ana for your, and your colleagues' pioneering reveal on the Morgellons connection to the mRNA/DNA bio weapons. This should go viral!

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Are these videos available on any other platform other than bitchute Ana?

I want to add them to a post on my website and embedding bitchute videos doesn't work very well.

Any chance this will be available also on Rumble or Odysee?

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You're calling on psychopaths/demons to have ethics. Really? 😶🙄

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wow - this looks good - btw - on the same topic - but another branch of it - this is the best talk I have

ever heard on the vaccine topic - https://www.bitchute.com/video/nWEABC3ypAvh/ - just incredible the information this guy has.

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Dr. Ana:

It now begs to ascertain if we the people can go to say Labcorp or Quest and get a blood analysis for say metals or is it so highly specialized that such testing for the average vaccinated person is not possible at this time. Where I am headed is proof we can then take to our county prosecutor or sheriff to initiate a legal action.

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Dr Campra published his results in November 2021. It's what the Quinta Columna has been saying since then. I wish you would explain why you are instilling doubts about their result. They've pretty much been the first in saying it. And they seem to appreciate you, they've linked to your work several times. Why do you contradict them (serious question)

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Dr Ana, I have heard you saying that it cannot be said in a conclusive way that graphene has been found in the vials. It surprises me in the light of the spectroscopy and microraman análisis done by Dr Campra which says the contrary of you. What are the reasons why you contradict his results so affirmatively?

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Dear Dr. Ana, regretfully I have become worried of going to the swimming pool because of the worry that swimming with the vaxxed may have some unknown side effects. This is the only form of exercise I have had success with in the past. I would like to go swimming, but am not sure it is safe.

What's your opinion, should I go back to swimming in a public pool?A one word Yes or No would be nice if you read this.

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Ana, thank you for a great site. It's good to see proven what I've been assuming from conjecturing in the last two years.

You are saying, "We explain, the correlation between finding environmental filaments of synthetic artificial intelligent biology historically in human blood called CDB/ aka Morgellons that was analyzed via the Carnicom Institute over a span of three decades. These filaments are chemically polymers or hydrogel with features of synthetic biology, including DNA. We draw attention to the similarities between the filaments now found in the C19 injection era and seen in C19 vaccinated and unvaccinated blood -and discuss the correlation with the nanotechnology found in the self spreading C19 injections."

The question is:

Where do all these originate from?

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Thanks Dr. Ana. Chillingly terrifying.

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Excellent presentation. I know Clifford doesn't like to speculate but has he ever given you his opinion on what he thinks might be happening to us?

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Well I guess these are my new go to resources in my effort to wake a few people. This video and La Quinta Columna presentation says it all. i won’t bother asking what court of law can stop this…smh. The scale of it and the evil are on a biblical level, praying for mercy, protection, and justice no matter what His justice may mean for humanity 🙏🏼

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The meat has mRNA, the milk has mRNA, and the lettuce has mRNA, etc. At what point do these people who are fiddling with our lives figure out that they've injected us with a toxic overload? Will we be walking cytokine storms?

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