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THANK YOU for your tireless, tenacious and persevering efforts to keep both your own and to include others' work in this critical and illuminating exploration of the victimization of humankind and the intentional transformation of us from organic to synthetic biological cyborgs for culling or enslavement. We keep hearing about mRNA & Spike Protein....we keep hearing about DNA contaminants. We continue to be told no graphene. Then those who criticize say that we can't trust the equipment (or by inference, operators using what equipment and experience they have) to truly assess what is being seen in the blood and that the equipment needed is all owned by the purveyors of the deadly technology at work in every person on the planet. Or that perhaps it's moved to an organ or other place (as perhaps evidenced in urine or other bodily fluids). But the unrelenting truth seems to be that what you and others are indeed seeing is indisputable evidence of (self-assembling) nanotechnology....graphene is now being disclosed as the reason for the COVID "upgrade" from biosaturation methods used (like morgellans) through geoengineering, contamination and inclusion of this technology in plants, animal, and other sources of exposure (what rains down us from the ionosphere having IMO the most weight of evidence). An interesting piece of the puzzle, provided in a recent interview between Maria Zeee & Hope & Tivon (in Morocco) who have been scouring the literature, patents and research concerning the nature of what has historically been done to facilitate the Internet of All Things/Internet of Bodies - the use of humans as bioenergy-powered transmitters of bio and other data (as well as creating a network and a tie to a cloud-based database of all information and constantly enhanced insights into individuals, groups and other commonalities) from nanotechnology previously implanted, but significantly upgraded via the introduction of graphene through the jabs. https://zeeemedia.com/interview/hope-tivon-wban-they-have-achieved-the-transhumanism-system-upgrade/. That you have continued to explore and question and to seek out other pioneers is exceptionally important and it is appreciated (persist!). The recent disclosure that Methylene Blue may have greater efficacy than previously thought in the fight against the onboard menace (together with high dose Vitamin C, EDTA and other possible conjoined treatment protocols) is essential to our struggle to survive and unentangle ourselves from this dystopian web of the capture of all things material, living and inventoriable by those who seek to own and control them. That we are just another resource to serve them should disgust, enrage and enliven every single person who values freedom and life -- if not our own, that of others....humans, plants, animals and the obvious spiritual consequences of polluting or transforming what God has created into what Lucifer is trying to destroy or own.

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At this point, I kinda don't care anymore about others. I had one jerk come up to me in church, arrogantly DEMANDING to know if I got the shot a year or so ago. "No," I replied "and I have done a 700 page, 2k footnote paper on the topic why (which is now 2,500 pages, 10 footnotes - yes really). You might think he might say, "Gee, what did you learn?" knowing have two grad degrees. But you would be wrong. Rather, he turned on his heel and stomped off. Similarly, my fabuously wealthy little brother, who has had everything go right in his life, when i GENTLY would send one very subdued email on the shot perhaps once every four months, just snottily replied in one line "Quit emailing me!' Again, this was one every FOUR MONTHS, and nothing strident. Last report, his wife was on her second round of serious Covid, and had been treated for cancer. One daughter of his has had a least FOUR freaking shots.

Here's the problem: Most of these people are 100% closed minded, snotty and apparently know it everything in the whole universe about the shot, despite doing basically ZERO on it, except listen to the fake news.

So.... I tried to help people. They don't want it, don't care, and are in fact ARROGANT about their blantant stupidity. So... all I want to know now is how to protect myself and my wife from things like the dental or in our meat mRNA.

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Thank you to all our heros investigating these criminals

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I also believed that there were vastly different batches. Hence why some people died almost instantly, some lasted a few days, weeks etc, and some, even after having 5 shots are still (seemingly) fit and healthy. I’m also surmising that not all the Comirnaty shots were produced in the same manufacturing plant.

This is why I believe that, despite the incredible work done to decipher codes, ingredients, and motivations as to what the Covid (and now other) shots contain, we’re still behind the 8 ball as they say, and the real monsters behind this are having a laugh and laying wagers over $10,000 bottles of Bollinger on how close we’ll get.

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I saw Dr. Nagasse's video over a year ago but haven't heard much from him since then. We are fellow Canadians and he was very believable even though what he was saying was contradictory to almost everything else I was hearing.

I'm assuming these findings also mean that there is no DNA either? How does this reconcile with Kevin McKernan's recent bombshell finding?

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So do these vaccines contain plasmid DNA which splicers the DNA to instruct it to create venomous spike protein as well as nanotechnology? This was my understanding.

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Maria Zeee: Naima Feagin & Tivon Rivers ■ WBAN - They Have Achieved the Transhumanism "System Upgrade"

Video at 1:07:00:

1.The system upgrade before 2017; not enough

2. 2017 infrastructure IEEE,

3. Injection of graphene for amplification

4. Graphenated population ready for deployment to 15 minute cities to control the world's population


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I do not dispute the horrors you have found in the vials, but if there is no mRNA, how come recipients (Mod) ended up with trillions of spikes in their bloodstreams?


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I thought Nagase didn't find any organic things at all. Perhaps differeing levels of threshold, and or different samples. Rock on.

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I really appreciate your knowledge and your bravery. I am also grateful to our Lord that he has euipped individuals like yourself with a Lions heart so that you are not afraid to sound the alarrm and inform the multitudes of the dangers that surround them. Thank you so much!

I, being one of the mulitudes, have a concern regarding the dental anethesia. I will soon need to go in for dental work and I don't know what to ask for to keep me out of pain. I do not want to accept their contaminated injection. Do you have a suggestion? Thank you for your time. God bless you.

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But when ye shall see the abomination/G946 - bdelygma of desolation/G2050 - erēmōsis, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains: ■ Matthew 13:14, KJV, blueletterbible

■G946 - bdelygma - abomination

G946 - bdelygma


G947 ››

‹‹ G945


Transliteration: bdelygma

Pronunciation: bdel'-oog-mah

Part of Speech: neuter noun

Root Word (Etymology): From βδελύσσω (G948)

TDNT Reference: 1:598,103

Outline of Biblical Usage:

a foul thing, a detestable thing

of idols and things pertaining to idolatry

KJV Translation Count: 6x

The KJV translates Strongs G946 in the following manner: abomination (6x).

Strong's Definitions: βδέλυγμα bdélygma, bdel'-oog-mah; from G948; a detestation, i.e. (specially) idolatry:—abomination.

Thayer's Greek Lexicon

[Jump to Scripture Index]

βδέλυγμα, -τος, τό, (βδελύσσομαι), a biblical and ecclesiastical word; in the Sept. mostly for תּועֵבָה, also for שִׁקוּץ and שֶׁקֶץ, a foul thing (loathsome on account of its stench), a detestable thing; (Tertullian abominamentum); Luth. Greuel; [A. V. abomination];

a. universally: Luke 16:15.

b. in the O. T. often used of idols and things pertaining to idolatry, to be held in abomination by the Israelites;

■G2050 - erēmōsis/desolation

Outline of Biblical Usage:

a making desolate, desolation

KJV Translation Count: 3x

The KJV translates Strongs G2050 in the following manner: desolation (3x).

Strong's Definitions: ἐρήμωσις erḗmōsis, er-ay'-mo-sis; from G2049; despoliation:—desolation.

Thayer's Greek Lexicon

[Jump to Scripture Index]

ἐρήμωσις, -εως, ἡ, (ἐρημόω), a making desolate, desolation: Matthew 24:15; Mark 13:14; Luke 21:20; see βδέλυγμα, c. (Arrian exp. Alex. 1, 9, 13; Sept. several times for חָרְבָּה, שַׁמָּה, etc.)

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It appears that every vial has something different. Also the MRNA does not stand for messenger RNA. It is MODIFIED RNA which cannot be broken down and permeates constant uncontrollable toxin production.

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All I want to know right now is how to get pure dental anesthetic that I can purchase and bring to the dentist with me?

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The devils behind this indescribably wicked and long-planed biggest crime against Humanity are bending ovet backwards in an effort to steer people away the horrific truth - this is about transhumanism, about merging man and machine, about destroying and enslaving us and fulfilling Satan's grand plan.

I can't believe people are still clinging to the lab leak vs deliberate

leak shenanigans.

What a sham!

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I'm in 4 group lawsuits regarding it!!!

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Either way the shizzle KILLS...

Thank you for TIRELESS EFFORTS...

In a thankless world...

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