Hi Dr Anna,

You went to the top of my list of truth Drs the day you joined forces with Mr Carnicom. yours is the only time i have paid for any information and my way of support , even tho its not a lot.

I was censored on mira al microscopio for using the term cross domain bacteria and the carnicom institute. my last post there shows the electrical reaction of live sheep blood to one of the fibres (a world first i believe). you can see it by searching for the word sheep or carnicom in mira al. i did get his name in the post but lost access to all my other posts there for doing it.

In this present environment credibility is everything and it doesnt take much to damage it. la quinta now doing the alien thing is an example for me.

There have been 2 posts in your sub that have not been addressed that i think are critical for you to address for credibility purposes. one was from tannin cures re dictyostelium and alternative cures including saracenia purporium , luffa , lactic, oliec and tannic acids, and the other was from someone who had tested the gel in vitro with various solutions and found success with sereptase and nattokinase along with edta.

Best Regards, Matt.

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This is so crazy. It’s hard to carry on conversations with people about their future plans. It’s hard to hear people complain about so much nonsense knowing this is going on in our bodies. Ive seen so many ppl shake their head over the evidence then their eyes will glaze over and they refuse to think about it maybe even until they are not the one thinking for themselves any more. Jesus is our only hope. Pray your knees out ppl!

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Like to view the blood of community without vaccines or chronic diseases like the Amish and Mennonite communities. Many Aboriginal tribes too

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I in no way discount your findings I am seeing evidence of this eg cancers in uninjected people. It does come back to hope for healing, however. What seems to work to reverse these growing nanoparticles? I know you have mentioned EDTA chelation. But what are other paths forward? Turning of your phone at night or avoiding 5G and other radiaation? Eating certain foods or taking certain supplements? Do these growths sometimes reverse on their own? These are very important questions for the future of the human race...

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This is so disturbing. What is the treatment you recommend to counteract this?

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Jun 25, 2023·edited Jun 25, 2023

i want to add this: edta, as much effective it can be, is not a global solution. an IV is a complex and long thing to do, not available to the vast majority. so i'm searching for a remedy that is either orally administeed or injected. i am a european chiropractor, and i am in the worst position as far as shedding. i touch, rub sometimes, skin to skin, no gloves (hate'em) and breathe the same air all day long with multi-injected clients. i'm one of the worst case scenario as per unvaxxed in danger. despite taking many supplements, my blood has been riddled with the known filaments for quite some time. lately my blood looks much better, no stacking, NO filaments, only minor , un-organized specks of "graphene". what i did different? i introduced in my supplemental routine (in summer only magnesium and ascorbic acid) SWEDISH BITTER , an herbal tincture of old. research it, plenty of infos. i take two, (sometimes three) TABLEspoonfuls in water (no tsp as usually prescribed) per day, one right after work and the other before bed. will monitor more and will update my findings. btw, many of my clients taking it, are starting to show dramatic lessening in both rbc clumping and formations. have no idea if it's because of the alchool (solvent) , or the 11 different herbs infused, or both, but it seems to work really well.

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I’m unjabbed and my blood viewing shows some of the same stuff. I am starting EDTA iv next week

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I have read all your substacks for some time now and recognize an impulse to, not disbelieve, but to want to be proactive simultaneously freezing, noticing the 'not knowing what's going on' flag is flying. If one could send one's blood sample into a lab, would there be a lab to send it to? And thank you, Dr. Ana, for this overwhelmingly disturbing evidence.

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Dear Dr Ana,

I am starting doing my own microscopy studies and would like to compare notes. Your work inspired me to invest in a high quality microscope and do my own studies. I am in IL. You can contact me lenbermd@substack.com that would be very much appreciated.

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A couple things stood out here, one of course is the mention, finally of an unvaxxed partner and vaxxed partner but more importantly the faraday cage statement. We all knew/know/assumed that emf radiation must play a big part in the end game for the evil ones and so this brings me to Iodine and an excerpt from Dr. Mark Circus book called "Iodine - Bringing Back the Universal Medicine"....

"An appropriate public health response to the nuclear disaster in Japan starts with iodine because any lack of the nutritional type will attract the radioactive type like honey attracts bees. The last thing anyone wants to be walking around with is a thyroid so starving for iodine it will take on the nasty radioactive isotope of iodine instead."

This would also explain why people are getting sick from wifi and other forms of 'radiation' Therefore if we all make sure we have the proper amount of nutritional Iodine our bodies will not look to take from the environment.

Smarter people can/could expand on this thinking but it feels like something is here.


We know this to be unbtrue.

"Non-ionizing: low-level radiation which is generally perceived as harmless to humans"


It seems obvious that the key/trigger for the evil ones agenda involves the towers all around us.

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Dear Ana, what magnification and equipment do you use? we've been detecting magnetism coming from non-C19 injected: swabs, other vaccines, dentist anesthesia, hospital IV, anything with a prick. Could that be the case for your patient?

Are you aware of the magnetism? How can we detect a para-magnetic product before being injected?


The full PLAN exposed:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet

Politics got us in, politics is the way out ... after prayers!


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I am fully a believer Dr. Ana! No way would someone devote as much time and energy to educate all of us as you have in order to pull off a scam. I want to have my blood analyzed just out of curiosity. I had the Rona but am not vaccinated and no one in my immediate family is either. In fact, sounds like EDTA chelation would be a good thing for all of us to do at this point. God help us🙏🏼

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I use a regular bright field microcope, but i see the same structures, even in non-vaxxed folks. yesterday i saw a 65yo man, unvaxxed, with wife and two daughters at home with him, all trivaxxed, and his blood was horrendous. ( "asymptomatic" , btw...) i would share the pics but here is not possible.

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What is the best treatment?

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When I first realized something very bizarre was happening to me, I went to my regular physician - a man I actually knew from high school. I emailed him some images of the recently extracted, living, sentient fiber and he made sport of it and me. It has been like this since two thousand nine. My pseudo son-in-law (it's as long story) is a surgeon. The last time I saw him we were in my car and three times I asked him about "morgellons" and three times he changed the subject. Now call me conspiratorial but I think the doctors have been told about the connection between what they are erroneously calling "morgellons" and the MRNA killer jab (fake vaccine). I believe their ability to practice medicine hangs in the balance. JMHO

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Well, you certainly are raising the fear factor with these posts, Dr Ana! Every comment is loaded with it because those who avoided the jabs are discovering that they are not safe from whatever it is that is causing these blood anomalies.

I spotted that you observed blood samples in a Faraday cage which ceased to show these 'self-assembly' actions.

Surely, if that is true, then chelation will only be temporary.

The way to prevent rouleaux blood and recover health is to protect ourselves from radiation from electro-magnetic frequencies, i.e., mobile telecoms and wifi.

Dr Magda Havas may be helpful to you. She was doing live blood analysis 11 years ago - see this 2.5 mins video - https://youtu.be/L7E36zGHxRw

Also - have you and Dr Carnicom considered the possibility that you are finding a species of Dimorphic Fungi? Here are some known types for comparison: https://www.microbiologybook.org/mycology/mycology-6.htm

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