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Doing a fantastic job with both the research and keeping us up to date. Appreciate it greatly.

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I recall DrRyan Cole concluding and indeed all but dismissing these strands as contaminants from the manufacturing process.

Seems they are rather more sinister than suggested.

Nothing now surprises me with these shots but I have no doubt the shot never had anything to do with “disease protection.”

I fear it’s a human extinction level event.

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Here we are on Good Friday, April 7, 2023. Blood is so important to our wellbeing. Without it we would all perish in a physical sense. God allowed the shedding of innocent blood to redeem mankind from their sins. Further we see that His beloved Son, in whom he is well pleased, voluntarily allowed His blood to be shed and His life given up(for a brief period in time), so that we could have life and have it more abundantly! His son’s name is Jesus. Amen.

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Most lipid nano particles are metallic. Some are super paramagnetic crystals/quantum dots. They all have plethora of magnetic anomalies. graphing oxide seems to be the most popular. there’s 300 different substrates that are approved by the FDA.

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Carnicom gave me peace of mind when my morgellons was terrible and painful. Insurance dictated doctors wanted to give antipsychotic medication. “ delusional parasitosis “. The black spec material, the colored fibers, the clear plastic- sometimes with numbers on them, the fibers would react to breath and touch and cell phone. The lesions are so painful. A few years after suffering a long time, I found an integrative medicine doctor. He did a Metagenics prescription detox and the symptoms improved significantly. I didn’t discuss morgellons with him but I’m pretty sure he is aware of it. It’s not natural and for a while I was afraid I’d go to hell for being transhuman against my will. I still have psoriasis, so I can’t say I’m completely healed- & nobody knows exactly what it is anyway. I take supplements my dr recommend, lots of steady gentle detox support.

I personally believe it’s from the junk in the sky .

(Thankful for my dr help. I have biotoxin mold illness and other issues, some of the things I had been doing on my own,Willy nilly was counter productive. )

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Apr 8Liked by Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Thank you Dr. Ana, Superb work! Looking forward to your next..

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Stunning report, as always...thank you for staying so solidly on the battlefield!!!

We are scrambling to detox - for those who can't pull off the IV chelation - does anyone know if we try to detox with high temperature protocols, sauna, steam room, etc., if that will activate the GO? I've been doing my red light therapy lamp, I think that is likely fine? But...Maybe it isn't a good idea to heat your body up with a sauna or steam room? Anyone have any ideas? How are we to know these things? Who would know? Matt Taylor? Callender? Kingston? Dixon? Steele? Klinghardt?

Jernigan? Carnicom? Any guesses? That's all we need is to actually activate and replicate the nanos and payloads ourselves...good grief...

And there is a new treatment called EES - it's a scalar-type light therapy...


Here is the link to the hand-held device: A friend is asking if it would be safe with the nanos?


Some friends are doing EES sessions - a new technology - and places are opening up in major cities...I would love to be able to advise them. It would be a shame to do more harm.

We're in uncharted territory...heat or no heat...?

The answers are out there...challenging to find the affordable ones...someone has the ultimate antidote...so we keep digging and divining the answers?

Godspeed to all.

some amazing vids...




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“Solve et coagula” is proudly inscripted on Baphomet’s both arms! See images…

That’s what happened to humanity’s blood! Goal achieved!

I believe these words refer to DNA and blood respectively.

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So there's the Phthalates as well as the hydrogels themselves which make the scent that Astrid described smelling some time ago in the vaxxed.

Weird. People have become chemical "products" themselves.

Surprising to hear that Clifford's been finding these filaments for thirty years. And yet, in 2002-2003 young folks in their mid twenties were telling me they'd seen these trails their entire lives. Young folk from southern Oregon, where I know for a fact magnetic vaccines were done, as I know a woman who has a 45yr. old injection site which still holds a magnet to it. And southern Ontario, and southern Ohio. I kid you not. I came to calling it "ground zero".

It would be interesting to learn where he first found these in the blood, and in the air.

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Great findings! I was curious why the Norfolk Southern train that derailed in Palestine, Ohio was carrying so much vinyl chloride. The destination for that route was Conway, PA. Because I live 2 hours from there, I checked it out. Near Conway, PA is a Norfolk Southern railyard and just a hop, skip and a jump is a Shell plastics plant (which opened in the last 2 years much to the community's chagrin) and a BASF plant. Both plants on the rail route where tons of vinyl chloride is destined. Is poly vinyl alcohol a derivative of vinyl chloride? I ask because the weather warfare here in PA is like no where I've lived.

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Thank you so much for this fantastic work.

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these are amazing & horrifying analysis results - you & your collaborators have been working hard investigating the mystery of what's in the vile DeathVaxxes & we're all extremely grateful & following every post & interview - I know I am.

The mind boggles at what you've discovered so far as well as the dreadful tally of ppl worldwide that have been irrevocably injured or met their deaths through the administering of said DeathVaxx.

We can see through the research of yourself & others that nefarious entities worldwide have long been engaged in some diabolic effort to pollute & defile the planet, fauna & flora & us - humans, with some hitherto unknown lab engineered filth - Hydrogel, Graphene Oxide, mRNA etc . . . . & now they are admitting to adding it to the food supply though one wonders if it has not already been present for sometime, maybe even years (at least since the C19 narrative was rolled out)

The question that is puzzles me now is that although we know they've added this junk to everything they can think of & it's obviously highly lethal, both in the short & long term - what is this stuff designed to assemble inside ppls bodies??

I've heard it's Nano Circuitry, it's part of the Transhumanisim agenda, it reacts & grows when exposed to electricity (& 5G no doubt) etc but is it just a pile of fast growing junk that clogs your circulation up to the point of death or is it designed to do something else . . . it's said it gives off signals - MAC numbers that show if your vaxxed or not that still broadcast in the corpses buried in graveyards or it receive a 'Death Pulse' emitted from 5G towers to kill us all off instantly.

It's like something out of a horror Sci-Fi film & I feel for all the poor animals they mutilated & tortured to painful death in secret Govt labs to produce this evil crap to unleash on us - I utterly detest Vivisection & this is where that evil leads us all - to even more unspeakable evil & our eventual destruction by demonic psychopaths

God Help Us

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Thank you Dr Anna. (I've learned how to pronounce your last name :) )

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Thanks, Ana. One question: do you have your work reviewed and/or replicated by other scientists? As Iain Harris below notes, e.g., this could be from the mfr process, for example

Keep up the good work!

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John Caleo: Letter I sent to Naomi Wolf

Naomi, I'm glad to see your growth into Spirituality as in regards to Love. You seem to have broken away the bonds that have held you captive in the past. The devil comes to lie, steal, kill and destroy. Anything thing that embraces any of those things leads you back where you came from. You seem to of had a road to Damascus moment. I wouldn't of said this probably 3 years ago. Everything we were taught from the time we we're born has been a lie from the principalities and powers that rule the world and always have. Where living in the Days of Noah which I'm sure you've notice by changing the DNA and mutating it appears into demons via Transhumanism. It always goes back to the Garden of Eden. God knew you before you were born. People would rather worship the creature instead of the Creator. You might want to check out the first book of Enoch whether or not it was inspired by the Holy Spirit could be argued. There where originally 84 books in the canon until Constantine paganized Christianity. But it gives you a glimpse of the fall of satan, Noah, etc. Check Apocryphal 1970 and search for the The first book of Enoch. Take it with a grain of salt. Except for the part about satan. Keeping the law doesn't cover am evil heart. That's why there no salvation in the law. Legalizing evil won't get religious zealots to heaven. I'm kind of rambling on here. Lol Individuals who God breathe his life into have unfortunately fallen asleep. Unless they wake up from there stuper before they die will be spending life with the biggest loser of all time, forever. The one who is behind every murder, rape, child sacrifice, dubauchery, etc. The 200 watchers in the Book of Enoch, the fallen angels appear to me remind of all the governments who all seem to be walking in lock step to the same fate of the watchers as well as mankind. God Bless. Remenber God is always love no matter what the world around you seems. The Holy Spirit is peace, love and joy and a sound mind anything else is the foolishness. Love to you and your husband. From: John Caleo. If you have any questions please email me. I'll give it my best Spiritual shot and stay steadfast in the Holy Spirit.

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Dr. Ana, perhaps you would consider working with this group to bring the geoengineering culprits to justice?


Thanks for all you do!

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