Ask a hunter/fisherman for a meat sample to test wildlife.

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This is fucking alarming, and makes me angry that the WEF and the 1% coup ate doing this to humanity.. death is to good for them. They need to have a painful death after they are convicted.

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So it seems like basically they are going to turn us all into human tech hybrids. I guess the important thing spiritually is did we give them our free will to do so. We must all declare “We do not consent to the contamination of our bodies in any way through medical treatments, the air we breath, the food we eat, the products we ingest and use, the animals, the water, everything. We do not consent to being contaminated or implanted with any form of technology.” I think that is what’s important. Because it seems they are determined to get us one way or the other and we can’t completely shelter ourselves from their evil. We need to remove them from this earth and then we won’t have the problem.

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This is frightening! Understatement, I know. If this is due to geoengineering, then even being a vegetarian or vegan won't be any protection. We all have to eat, right? Breatharians excepted, of course. But even they have to breathe!

I guess the only answer is the find a way to get this crap out of our bodies if at all possible and to stay away from 5G wherever it happens to be turned on. What an insane world we live in!

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I just read Tom Renz Substack about vaccines in the vegetables. This is scary stuff. Thank you Dr Anna. https://tomrenz.substack.com/p/eat-your-vaccines-i-mean-vegtables?r=yd1oo

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yes and i told that to people a THOUSAND OF TIMES. in france and in my articles all the FOOD and WATER contain those elements.so the ' shedding' theory from the vaccinated is NOT the main REASON. ( but it is real too for sensitive people )

the sad thing is that the ORGANIC meat is CONTAMINATED TOO. and i eat organic meat because i have to. period ! with allergies to all grains, eggs, nuts and dairies.

CHEMTRAILS SINCE 1990- 1999 as ClifforD carnicom and Sophia Smallstorm, demonstrated




so one question comes to mind : WHY DID THEY NEED TO INJECT THE PEOPLE if all of us are already contaminated?


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Contaminated with what though? I know Bill Gates wanted to put mRNA vaccines in animals and plants, but that would hurt the animals, us not so much. It's unlikely in the extreme (read: impossible) that it'd survive the human digestive system. If stomach acid didn't destroy it, then bile certainly would.

Perhaps we're looking for something airborne here?

Please keep us posted.

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This is what geo engineering watch.org has been talking about for years! Those who know that the trails in the sky are not condensation need to speak up load and clear to the disbelievers! It is happening every day ! We watch this take part in our beautiful blue skys to only turn to grey!

This is the air we have no other choice but to breath. Us, our animals, our soils our waters! Why wont we just come to terms so that we can unite and fight to stop it!

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We are to raise our own food? Cattle and vegetables?

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This has been going on for a long time & was probably used (along with other methods) to spread pathogens to pull off the grand COVID hoax before they even started administering the DeathVaxx.

People were posting videos of magnets sticking to their 'vaccinated' arms & others were showing magnets sticking to packets of meat in shops.

I cannot find the story online anymore but Bill Gates (who else???) was recently in the UK meeting with DEFRA (Govt Livestock & Rural Affairs Dept) to discuss 'vaccinating' animals used for food consumption with mRNA including Chickens. I thought this had already been trialled in Australia & 20% of vaxxed animals died, so they must really be desperate to keep going ahead with it.

Maybe they're jabbing these poor creatures just before they slaughter them when it doesn't matter so much if they keel over & die. Personally, I have always found eating meat abhorrent & am glad to say I haven't touched it since I was forced to as a child, but I do worry for my Cat - I don't want him eating this filth either because it's obviously going to be in all the pet food as well.

Bill Gates had also funded & released Mosquitoes loaded with god knows what so he's no stranger to using animals or insects as a means to infect humans with his toxic junk.

They know a lot of ppl refused the DeathVaxx & that even those who did get it are trying to clear it from their bodies. They are obviously trying to build up the concentration of this toxic crap they're injecting into ppl by conning ppl to keep getting boosters.

Everyone knows mass produced food is horrific & bad for health - loaded with Pesticide, GMO's, Heavy Metals & water poisoned with fluoride, so this latest horrific finding is just more of the same but on an even more demonic scale.

Go Vegan & grow your own

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PEGylated tech has been used in livestock vaccines for a number of years, well before human use. I suspect nanoparticles are getting passed out in urine and feces where they become concentrated on the landscape and can be taken up by later generations. Wind may also be blowing them from one farm to another.

Chem trails...

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Where I live in KS, the city had asked folks to "social distance" at a central location to watch the 4th of July fireworks 2 years ago. At dusk, just as it turned dark but before the fireworks, a small 2 -engine propeller plane circled the area where folks were gathered, and sprayed a black, viscous cloud

out on onlookers. (Most folks did not notice, or thought it was part of the display; I have since seen that plane a few times, doing the same thing- it is a Grumann model mostly used to spray water on wildfires). I checked in with my "channeled entity" - quite reliable, very reputable- and was told that the cloud contained "pernicious micro-organisms and waste from animal rendering operations". At the time, I considered that the "lipid nanoparticles" were finding a new home...But now I have a more all-encompassing view, and not a very happy one...

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My question is does cooking the meat at high temperatures destroy the organisms you are finding in the ground beef, etc?

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Dr. Ana,

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your blog. I simply LOVE your topics and brilliance. You speak VOLUMES to the war we have found ourselves in, against the most stealth enemy- our own governments and their ultra corrupt politicians.

Our numbers as freedom fighters are growing, but the road ahead is long.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for walking the high road (no easy tasks and carries reisks) and following the great quote DO NO HARM .

Our anger and emotion is indeed the best kind, and is cited as righteous justice. Now we need to unite, rise up, and fight to hold those accountable.

Blessings Always as you are on my FOREVER HERO LIST!

Canadian and NATO veteran.

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I don’t feel qualified at all to do that. I once was able to grow two tomatoes.

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For anyone that doesn’t know the name Dane Wigington, please watch any of the broadcasts he has put out for 399 CONSECUTIVE weeks...GeoengineeringWatch.org...all substance...no fluff...NON-political...COMMERCIAL FREE...Dane has lived off-grid for over 20 years in Northern California east of Mt. Shasta...

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