Have you tested any unvaccinated individuals that did not submit to the pcr testing?

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Even low-level magnetic fields can disrupt how our cells divide. Why it's important to power off devices and unplug them when not in use: https://romanshapoval.substack.com/p/acmagnetic

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Yes, we see it...

Are these people dying?

How are these persons blood so contaminated and thick able to come to you are they at deaths door?

How are they alive if such gross contamination?

What is their physical condition when they come to you?

How do I know my relative who took jabs is suffering with this ailment?

The assumption is EVERYONE has these substances organizing in the blood 24/7...

What symptoms do these present?

If a person has been continually taking the suggested supplements, minerals, foods...

Is that controlling or flushing the system?

Not being presumptuous...

Would honestly appreciate information...

We get that the majority of blood in mammals is contaminated at this point...

How to resolve if EDTA is unaffordable?

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This is the best work I am aware of on this planet, so many thanks Ana.

Excuse our impatience but, so many want to know what constitutes cross-infection to unvaxxed. Can somebody please survey for specific means of transmission? I woul dhappily do this myself but I live in an outback wilderness situation with additional complexities.

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Amazing research and PROOF of the poisoning

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My question is what good is this, if once the patient goes back out among the vaxed and the blood becomes contaminated again? It’s an endless cycle. This is time and cost prohibitive to many. I hoping and praying for more user friendly blood detox solutions.

Thank you Doc Ana for your unending tireless research, hopefully others will join you and can come up with solutions for everybody.

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This was going to be my question as well, but Mr. Baird asked it. I was given one Pfizer injection, but also received PCR tests. My nose has been bleeding for two years, have had clotting from my sinus, they have sores, I've used saline rinse, with antibiotic ointments for the tissue, steroids, antibiotics, but it continues to be an issue. The other symptoms I'm having is excessive bloating and weight gain but only around my kidneys, liver, pancreas, stomach. I say that because some of the areas are tender and I'm concerned about blood clotting, and toxicity.

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Very nice work Ana. Thank you very much for all your hard work.

I would like to narrow down what people have in common with these hydrogel clots. I can believe that tests are part of the contamination, I just believe it's too much hydrogel for it to only come from the tests. Therefore I believe there must be other factors in the contamination and from where it largely comes. I understand it's near impossible to completely avoid, but if we could narrow down where the largest part of this comes from, it might be easier to survive in the long run. Personally I've had close to no problems during all this, and am double moderna jabbed (was a sheep a few years ago). Every single one I know, even a few un-jabbed are doing worse every day, and the biggest difference is what we eat. I'm fasting at least a few days a week, I have a high fat/low carb diet, not quite ketogenic, never really reach full ketosis, but am in the low end at least a few days a week. I make sure to take supplements (high D, high C, Mg, Zn and rest needed in normal amounts). I avoid as many food additives as absolutely possible, all synthetic really.

For those of you that like to do your own research, read up on ketosis studies on pubmed back to 1980'ies. It changes the basic functionality of our immune system, functions that turn out to be a problem (Cytokine storm, over regulation of interleukins, the constant inflammatory state and more) are all down regulated while in ketosis, and from what I've understood. The cleaning function for oxidative stress is also changed, and judging from how it's worked for me, it seems to work.

Personally, I believe it's in our food, that's what I would do if I wanted to kill everyone off. I'd make them look east and approach from the west. I have already noticed a great difference in the health decline of people I know and interact with, depending on their lifestyle in general, but a general line of decline can be observed by what they eat, usually too high carbs or too far from ketogenic. Essentially, the further they get from natural food, the worse they are off.

My hypthesis as of this moment isn't that all food is contaminated, only from a handful of larger manufacturers. Biggest problem is, these manufacturers, are also the ones that produce ingredients used in food production by many of the smaller manufacturers, and this is how they do it. For instance, loaf of bread from local producer should be fine, but they use oil from one of the big ones, bread is now contaminated, you catch my drift.

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Jul 20, 2023·edited Jul 20, 2023

Thank you for doing this! There is hope even us sensitive ones who may not be able to tolerate the regular edta IV chelation therapy! Bless you, Dr Ana!

We got our microscope and yes, found rouleaux formation. We are unvaxxed and never took pcr test, eat organic, work from home and have limited exposure to shedding. IT'S NOT SHEDDING. The unvaxxed need to understand that this is everywhere --in our environment, food and water. Everyone is getting this.

Also, I had emailed you, Dr. Ana, about other findings and grave concerns I have. Will follow up with you.

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Seriously what did you think the end of the world would look like, yep just like it says in scripture.

Thank you for what you are sharing, I believe you are a blessing to many.

He is coming wait for Him even though He seems unlikely or slow its coming. His timing is prefect for His purposes so hold fast to His plan no matter the cost.

Ephesians 2:7,8

That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus…

While I see the treatment will help thousands, the expense, adequate facilities and maintenance will hinder the mass's so I see little Hope that is the way for me and most of the world.

This was all planned for evil by evil but also revealed in advance in the holy scriptures for good. Not sure when Yeshua/Jesus will and when arrive but may He find faith on the earth when He does.

My Hope is in the Lord and His Justice and Salvation. While I see this a positive proof of the campaign against the world population I expect to see something more powerful come to our aid.

At best this can keep some folks going forward and expose the enemies of our souls. That is very good and a gift from above. But some of us must stand on the promises as we will not have the funds to spend on costly treatments.

Romans 5:4

And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation.


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I hope you don't mind my posting this but for those people needing more information regarding shedding, environmental contamination of graphene oxide which is causing the sludge in unvaxed.

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about blood clotting with emfs In Australia we have a EMF company called Orgone Effects which sell emf products all over the world they would be good for the nano tech in our bodies as well i highly recomend them

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I am very concerned as an unjabbed person that there is nothing I can do to stop being shed up. My husband & daughter have all had three shots ( I tried everything possible to stop them )and I mix/ work with people the majority who have also been jabbed.

Once you have had the chelation therapy, wouldn’t you be getting shed on again and again?

Is there anything else that could stop the self assembling nano technology. I know it’s in our food, water and air. If there something we could inhale or drink or use as a barrier cream?

Is nano silver one solution plus mega doses of vitamin C. I am thinking of buying a caravan to out in my garden so I can be away from the WiFi.

Just dreaded the great switch on of 5G not currently in my area…

Any advice gratefully recieved.

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This is how TYRANNY WINS 👉HR3557👈 IT MUST BE STOPPED. SHARE WIDELY. This bill is a federal takeover of all cell tower infrastructure, it completely robs the power to stop cell tower harms away from state and local authorities. The feds will ramp up and spread more towers anywhere they choose. We will be cooked from the inside out...A URGENT call to action by everyone, CALL YOUR REPS TO STRONGLY OPPOSE THIS BILLhttps://mailchi.mp/americansforresponsibletech.org/wireless-update-from-art?e=001e05df0a

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I’m wondering if young menstruating women shed more than others especially during their active period?

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