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I just learned of this: edible vaccinations. Yes, NIH and other agencies have been working on these for years. I learned it through lawyer Tom Renz. Please watch and circulate this video, starting at minute 2:


This is an outrage and must be stopped. No one is giving consent to eating vaccines in our food supply. Please share this with everyone you know.

Bless you for what you are doing Dr Ana! You and your team are leading the way to finding out what is making us sick and how to remediate it.

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Thank you! I've been following Celeste for years and she's a great resource.

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'Synthetic Biology' is a Bernays style, Orwellian double speak, oxymoron. If these (oxygen deficient) morons had spent more time observing nature, and less time obsessing over their bank balances, they would be much wiser.

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One question burns in my mind - how can we attack the biosynthetic chips - and we need a global pharma policing body with law body, immediately, since graphene is now found in every. product. you. can. imagine ( approaching 100%) and yes that includes lipstick, organic milk and lettuce, as well as water or NaC to detox (full of biosynthetic tubes, carbon nanotubes,

graphene) - this is such a massive crime and the spraying is almost daily now .... we NeeD! to act now!

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I couldn't sleep and stumbled upon this:



page 3 describes nanotech using DNA as an antenna, and then larger organ antennas to interface with this IoT swarm

justify the dilution? of our species?

"From a biological taxonomical perspective, this can justify at certain moment the dilution of the species as a whole and equal macro-entity. At the same time,

this disruption could be considered the logical new step into the evolution of our species: when the techno-symbolic forces take control over random biochemical and social evolution. For example, we can fuse our bodies with other biological bodies which do not belong to our direct evolutionary

family (e.g., cockroaches)".

It's not really random and they have no right to tamper with nature and pretend to be gods. The attempted enslavement of humanity can never be justified.

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Dr Ana, thank you for all you are trying to do for humanity. You keep saying you are spiritual. Jesus Christ is the only hope to fight against this evil, any other spiritual other than him is serving Satan.

John 14:

6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me

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i searched every where, for this Important video. As i told you, dear Dr ANA , im a journalist in france, im publishing on these topics and publishning all your articles translated.

I need this interview with Celeste but Rumble is SHUT DOWN in france, please tell me where i can watch it on bit chtute or another channel.

Thanks a lot

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Thanks for the most informative, comprehensive and alarming interview I’ve heard in a long time! I was esp. pleased to hear the spiritual aspect brought in, as the expression of spirit is of utmost importance to me — and I feel increasingly alone in this. A lone voice. Just a conversation with a grandchild last month made me suspect once again that any mention of “God” in young company is barely distinguishable from saying “Santa Claus”. Am wondering about the connection between vaX damage to the pineal gland and the rampant “God is dead” attitude.

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Dr. Ana. Has anyone looked into sound wave technology, frequency of sound on contaminated blood? I believe it’s 465 hz that is it supposed to be able to repair DNA on a cellular level? Maybe it’s worth taking a look at that?

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Hi Dr Ana, do you have a bitchute version please? Thank you

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Dear Dr. Ana - Thank You!

Here is something I learned about many years ago - I hope it is of service:


And ...

Alfred Lord Tennyson “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.”

God Bless You!!!

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Dr. Ana. Now that you have been posting these findings in unvaccinated people. I would like verify this and see it with my own eyes. I try to perform an IR of my own blood first and then of an unvaccinated person. Would be interesting to see the characteristic CH2 group vibrations. I specialized in polymer chemistry.

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Here's a new level of the biotech war on humanity from Dr. Ana   

You mentioned Catherine Fitts would like to see my Morgellon photos from 2012. 

My photos were taken from a brave patient's facial skin with needles and microscope slides in my office in 2012.  The hydrogel synthetic life was less sophisticated than now.  But then it was frightening enough for both of us. Watching  it 'live' and grow for up to 16 hours on an empty petridish, still wriggling to the warmth or electrical energy of a fingertip outside of the glass, was and is chilling.  I tried a large part of the Pharmacopea on her and nothing got at it except the Carnevon cleansing bath , hat was Fabric softener and alfalfa tablets, also I think Dove dishwasher soap.  Go figure.

In retrospect my office was very close to a cell tower transciever, so the hydrogel was probably fueling with EMF vitamins! I believe she cleared it up with personal cleansing routine and healthy habits.

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another channel to watch it please?

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