Finding no mRNA in the vaccines makes perfect sense. It's unlikely the technology even exists to produce such a vaccine at scale, and since the people at the top likely know there's no virus, what would be the point of mRNA to produce a fictional virus spike protein anyway?

I don't see any evidence for "artificial intelligence hydrogel" in the vaccines either, or that such a thing exists, and it's certainly not necessary to explain the vaccine effects.

Hydrogel is gelatin, and thus synthetic hydrogel is just plastic gelatin. The technology exists to effect simple changes in the gelatin using heat, light, magnetism, salt, etc, but there's no 'intelligence' or even simple electronics involved. It's a simple structural material.

Regarding the 'quantum dot' excerpts, where's the evidence that they exist or are in the vaccines? The people claiming to be making them are also claiming they're modeling them after a 'virus' that's fiction. They can't find the virus, but they can make synthetic, nano-scale replicas of what it would look like if it was real? Hmm... sorry, not buying it by a long-shot.

All of the evidence points to the 'spike protein', and even the whole 'virus' sequences reportedly coming from human samples, being human cellular debris from dying cells.

So hypothetically, if the military started adding graphene oxide to the geoengineering aerosols in late 2019/early 2020, and people started inhaling it and absorbing it into the blood and tissues, causing blood coagulation and hypoxemia in the acute cases, exposed people's 'immune response' against this never-before-seen toxin would be something new. In other words, the people would exhibit a subtle genetic 'mutation' that's the code for the adaptation to the new toxin, which the virologists falsely claim is from a 'virus'.

If that's accurate, then by injecting graphene oxide with the 'vaccine', obviously the body's defensive response would show the same genetic adaptation as the people who were inhaling the graphene oxide in the air, and the virologists would do their thing and say "see, we found the same 'spike protein' genetic markers in the vaccinated people and the 'covid' people, so our vaccine works".

And the pathologists would find the 'spike protein' genetic markers in the dead people full of graphene oxide whether they got it from the air, the vaccines, or both.

Also, it was already well-documented in the toxicology research on graphene oxide by 2018 that part of the body's immune response in the blood is the production of fibroblasts, as I mentioned in my comments on your graphene article a few months ago. So the fibrous blood clots are explained.

And finally, I also challenge the claims of microchips (meaning micro-electronics) in the vaccines. I've looked at the photos from many different sources, and the phenomena of the geometric-shaped objects is almost certainly the natural crystallization of minerals, which we know are plentiful in the vaccines. I have some background in electrical technology, and to me it's like looking at a brick and saying it's a miniature, fully-functional van, because it looks similar in shape to a van. Self-assembling nano-computer chips are fiction, and it's feeding fear in people who don't understand electronics to call these crystalline objects computer chips in the complete absence of real evidence.

Have we not learned from the horrific example of virology that we must be disciplined in being guided by scientific evidence? And have we not learned that the claims in published 'scientific' papers, especially from establishment sources, should be considered fiction until proven otherwise?

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Humans are not the only victims...ALL LIFE; animals, plants, trees, fish...All LIFE HAS BEEN TARGETED FOR INFECTION by the Globalist Psycho-Predator Death Cult. It's an attack upon the whole EARTH. How is THAT to be designated/classified?

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How do those who created the injections avoid it , if shedding is prevalent

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Thank you.

How we understand the nuts and bolts (or nanoparticles and hydrogel) of the mechanism of genocide doesn't change the fact that we're in a genocide. But thank you, for this. It's very helpful.

They want layers of confusion and false narratives polluting the water, so people throw their hands up and walk away feeling there is no way to get to the bottom of it.

Layers and layers of lies. We don't really need to know (at least I don't) all the details to see the larger arch of the story.

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the 'damage' done by the 'spike' is shown, purportedly- by the staining of antibodies which have no proven specificity to the 'spike' ... as to the rest of this presentation- I have no comment...

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I've been struggling to answer this question since your Maria Zeee and Karen Kingston interview; the question was, is the spike protein and the hydrogel nanodots the same thing. This definitively answers that question. Thank you Dr Anna.

What this means is that anything that wipes out or dissolves the "spike protein" is in fact doing this to the quantum nanogels.

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This is about destroying God’s creation. https://rumble.com/v24t2b6-the-hybrid-age.html

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HOW is it then possible that autopsies conducted on several of the jab victims, who died "suddenly and unexpectedly," documented "vaccine"-induced spike protein and acute cellular inflammation in multiple organs, but in particular in the heart and brain of the victims?

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I wonder if a modulated EMF device ( Such as was invented by Royal Rife) could be utilized to somehow eliminate or disrupt Qdot technologies 🧐

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How then did they discover that the vaccine mRNA retranscribed to DNA in the liver in vitro?

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I detoxed some really sketchy looking "particles" that I can only describe as some kind of nanotech, manmade parasite of sorts. I have pictures. I can only assume that I got them from a chemtrail or from taking a fake covid test (before I knew about hydrogels early on). I am not vaxxed for c-19 but have had other vax before I was awake. I'd love to show this to Dr Ana and get her thoughts. It would be interesting to hear her thoughts on how we detox hydrogels etc out of our bodies. I was taking TRS - Zeolite- which is a heavy metal detox supplement when I detoxed a clump of these out of my face. They looks like little pieces of fiberglass. I also detoxed a morgellon out of my back that I swear felt like it was alive and magnetic. It literally jumped out of my finger when I pulled it out. Imagine how much of these substances we have in our bodies without knowing that bioaccumulate and are conductive via frequency. Scary!

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Dr Ana,

I wrote this just now at Steve Kirsch's substack:

But you did say he found the lipid nanoparticles, which is significant, as follows

"Dr David Martin Explains Covid Vaccines are not Vaccines but are Medical Devices" - (duration = 9:16)


According to Judy Mikovits in the above video at time = 6:52, "...among many things. It can actually directly cause, um, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease, Alzheimer's disease, because that's what the expression of that pathogenic envelope, it can cause accelerated cancer, that's what the expression of that piece of virus, that syncytin alone, has been known to do for decades. You injected the disease, literally."

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I have been investigating bottled and unbottled (tap, rain) water under an optical microscope for some time and have found structures very similar to those seen in vaccines, although at a much lower concentration. Although I have not performed Micro Raman analysis, they look very similar to those containing graphene oxide. I have also investigated the images that appeared during physiological serum desiccation at different time phases; I can say that these images are identical to many of those published as microchips in Covid vaccines. I cannot say that there are not. But if it were true, microchips would also be found in dried saline solution.

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Because we are in trouble with the HORROR theatre on ALL fronts we are witnessing daily…

My message to every American will be this EVERY day until more Americans get it…QUITTERS NEVER WIN!

ART OF WAR…to win, restoring Freedom and the Constitutional principles!

1. Quit focusing and whining about today and yesterday…WHY? Enemies of Freedom have their next 100 battle plans ready to go against you!

2. Focus on this FACT everyday until you get it…You cannot stop any of the evil/Treason unless you plan to stop it ALL!

3. UNITE in 1 place receiving the SAME message from strategic planning experts.

Where and how? See end of this post about Gideon’s Army…

4. Civic Duty 101…Prepare to sacrifice, yes SACRIFICE your time, money and serious efforts using your talents and blessings God gave you to save your Republic!

5. Pray a lot AND participate in things (actions) that matter for Freedom!


A very fierce Mother Lion/Grandmother (of 6 and counting)

P.S. Are you looking for Gideon’s Army of 300 men yet…who pray and strategically plan to execute actions that matter and already have wins?

Keep an eye on Lex Greene @ news with views.com…serious background!

If you are ready to do something that matters…Lex Greene contact at end of this piece!

QUITTERS NEVER WIN by Lex Green @newswithviews.com

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there's chips in it and it comes up on your cell phone for tracing you ,may big pharma be accountable at Nuremburg 2.0

there is no covid19 but 5g that's causing flu like symptom's that's being used to push the bio weapons' and harm to kill we the people humans !

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Students study medicine in the universities and it takes years beyond a regular 4 year degree to obtain a medical degree. I used to totally believe that doctors were infallible...now I quetstion the material they learn in med school. If they were into prevention and healing they would not be studying sick people, vaccines, and medicine They would be studying healthy people and teaching their patients how to be healthy and stay healthy. The word doctor comes from the Latin word docere, which means to teach. Twenty-six hundred years ago Hippocrates taught doctors and his patients about natural healing. He knew more at that time than most doctors know today. He advocated the right foods and a healthy lifestyle; and used medicine as a last resort. Years ago I read up on the immune system and ilearned that the immune system had lymph glands through out the body, which produced white corpuscles. When foreign protein or matter of any kind entered the bloodstream the lymph glands start producing massive amounts of white corpuscles to attack - and clean out the bloodstream of anything that did not belong. This made me wonder how the vaccine manufacturers could have claimed their vaccines would provide GREATER IMMUNITY? I read they were going out of business in 1986 , because they were being hit with so many multi-million dollar lawsuits for their defective products. They let their "friends" in Congress know that they would be going out of business, unless they got help. Congress complied and pased

The NationalChildhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which gave vaccine manufacturerrs NO liabilty for injuries and deaths caused by their vaccines. If this had not occurred all this mish mash going on today would not be happening. Many are really questioning what doctors learn in med school? It sure isn't anything to do with prevention or better health. In the last sixty years, American children have gone downhill mentally and physically. Legal drugs as well as illegal drugs, have caused a plethora of psychologically-damaged people, too.

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