I'd like to see testing done using blood samples selected based on different lifestyle groups. I'd want a sufficient number of samples randomly choosen from within subpopulations such as Amish, vaccinated, unvaccinated, unvaccinated persons in frequent close contact with vaccinated, unvaccinated who have only had limited contact, or no intimate contact.

Finding the source of this contamination is critical.

Finding ways to potential cleanse the blood is also critical.

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As a type1 diabetic unjabbed, it freaked me out to know this contamination is in the insulin I can't live without.

I've been taking ivermectin once a week since this started. I hope Dr Ana can find a solution to this poison within us.

I pray and trust that she will.

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I’m wondering what the purpose of the vaxxxines (bioweapons)were/are if the unjabbed have the same technology in their blood?? Or did they get there from shedding?? Is that possible?

What will happen to everyone with this inside them?

Has anyone tried chlorella, Shilijit, or fulvic & humic acid instead of edta chelation? I ask because you cant do edta with amalgams present.

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Thank you Ana!! We love you!

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Do we have any controls against which to compare these observations? Were these structures never before seen in blood samples before 2020? Can someone illuminate?

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I've had Morgellons/CDB (cross domain bacteria) disease for fifteen years. Dr. Ana and Carnicom and others have confirmed what I suspected, that CDB was the "beta" test for the ingredients in the injections, air, etc.

I have not been vaxxed since I was a child, so I didn't get CDB in that way. I am fairly sure it came from what is sprayed in the skies. It has progressed very slowly in me and others and I think that's the reason they amped things up with the injections. To move it along faster. I think it's in everything now for the same reason.

From my experience and the experiences of others who have had CDB for years, it seems it uses each individual hosts' body in unique ways and results in a variety of expressions of organisms and artifacts according to each host unique body. And DNA. And frequencies.

This is one reason it's so hard to figure what is what and who has this and who has that. Also one reason why there is no standard way of eliminating it or killing it off.

I have tried every method. I'm not discouraging the continued hunt for a cure because I don't know what may be discovered. I have never given up hope and wouldn't want anyone else to give it up either.

In a sense the tech, etc., tailors itself to you. I also think that's part of the point. It is striving to become a part of you if it doesn't kill you first. This is transhumanism.

I don't think "they" are glorying in the death and destruction they have brought into the world any more than I think Dr. Frankenstein found joy in his failed experiments. I think they simply see us and our pain and suffering as a necessary part of achieving their goal. To become gods with biobot transhumans who survive and transform as their people.

Jesus is the only escape I have found. May you find him now. God Bless.

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I think that any opinion of these dots being a "figment of the imagination" should be completely discarded from consideration. If the "figments" are adversely and visibly affecting surrounding components in previously healthy blood, then that person is a fool.

You cannot open some folks' minds without a can opener.

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Quantum dots are not a figment of imagination when you can purchase them online.

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I say shedding, food, water, and any medications are infecting us so called pure bloods. I use a cheap microscope to look at my blood periodically but I also take liposomal EDTA caps and cream once in a while.

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What about cancer treatment research? https://pubs.acs.org/doi/epdf/10.1021/acsomega.1c06789


Could the test kits have been contaminated with artificially intelligent blinking micro bots? What about previous vaccines, other than Covid-19 gene therapy? Can they be aerosolized? What about the virus itself. Could the virus contain these micro bots? We know the spike protein is a cytotoxic pathogen. Could it be another part of the puzzle?

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TO ALL...CALL YOUR REPS ASAP TO PREVENT HR3557, HR4141 from passing, tell them to VOTE NO and strongly oppose. The 5g wifi grid is part two, as it fuels the growth of the nanobots and black mold. These bills would give full control of the wifi grid to the feds, and quadruple the spread of 5g and all harmfull frequencies to include ALL HOUSES, BUSINESSES, PARKS, NATIONAL PARKS AND OCEAN, with no ability for state and locals to stop it. Act now...an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

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It would be great to legally get samples of body, animal, plant from different centuries and compare. ■ I still need to study the eyes of God; I have not ruled out that this could be a basic building of life and the fall of man death. The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil was presented as having their eyes open (or something like that) is they [a]te from it. We need to pull those that have been publicly paid to confess, and I question if they are really this capable. I studied the wilderness for about a year about ten years ago, and on the grid as an artist perception. My final observation is that God created with his speech and having it roll over his tongue, the tongue as a curve tool, that his creation has tongue shaped trees, leaves, etc. Not having straight ruler lines, but more of a french curve ruler, a real tongue. If these are GO then I believe that graphic shape is six sided (I think). M

When is The Feast of Trumpets In 2023? TyGreen


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Could you remind us all of the stacked Red Blood Cell UN-Healthy UN-Natural state that we see in your videos ( Rouleaux formation )

Dr. Henry Ealy was my first introduction to that.

Thank you very much for all you HAVE Done ! Allen S.

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Are quantum dots similar to the lipid nanoparticles? Are they like a subset of LNPs? This is all so unbelievably crazy. How do the monsters doing all this keep themselves safe??? I don't get it.

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If covid-19 unvaccinated people now have the same contaminated blood as those who took the covid-19 jab, are those unvaccinated now also emitting a Bluetooth mac address? None of my family took the bioweapon and none of us are emitting a Bluetooth address.

Maybe they can get contaminants into all of us via food, water and chemtrails but with the bioweapon requiring storage at very low temperatures, maybe the self assembling tech part needs to be stored at correct temps and then injected.

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Alert this guy says they have been putting the NANO TECH in tattoo Ink, and this video is from 2016. Dr. Ana can you check tattoo Ink. Also, what about the shots they give to mothers during pregnancy ?? Is that Nano tech going straight to the fetuses in the womb? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6e6WsdcAgs https://vaxopedia.org/2016/09/25/vaccines-in-pregnancy/

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