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Many of the people who refuse to acknowledge this have got to be mind controlled. Idk how many individuals I have spoken and shown evidence to whose eyes just glaze over and have the same apathetic zombie reaction. It makes me angry. I try not to be angry with them, as I know it is probably beyond their control. Honestly though I want to slap them awake. It does seem to be a program though like the information is wiped before they process it.

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I am asking naturopath / functional medicine practitioners (of which there are very few to choose from and hard to find and rather costly direct pay providers) whether they are familiar with your findings, the diagnostic procedures of blood draw and darkfield, and the treatment protocol of chelation, vitamin c, etc. Trying to get the info out there! Starting with those most likely to listen.

I don't quite know if we are looking at apathy or despair... I decided to treat myself with ivermectin just because I couldn't think of anything else to do and I did not have access to other options. I do feel better, (apparently helping my blood cells cope with their new uninvited neighbors) but it requires maintenance dosing. If I stop taking it I feel unwell. And I still don't feel like my 2019 self.

As far as the bioweapon robots, you mention that one airline flight brought a person down with all the evidence of contamination. I don't fly as of the injection mandates, but the reality of the situation begs the questions ... 1) How often would the treatment protocol be required? After every public exposure? That would be unsustainable for most folks. 2) How could we clean the blood of 350,000,000 Americans at scale to stop this viscous cycle of shedding contamination? 3) Does the reality of nanotech exposure force us into de facto self-imposed lockdowns to stay away from this poison? For example, I have started avoiding high EMF (shopping,etc) areas because I get ill. My world is getting ever smaller and ever more expensive.

If anyone truly comes to terms with the real consequences of the situation, it may very well cause despair. I oftentimes think this is a bio-syn Chernobyl event with consequences we cannot ultimately control. Which is not to say we can't try -- IF we are healthy enough to fight the battle.

Keep showing the evidence. We thank you for your work.

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They better STOP spraying our environment!!! I totally believe that they are polluting our air, water and food. It HAS to stop.

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Ana, I have obtained the filters needed to turn my light microscope into one I can use for dark field microscopy. Are you looking at blood drops on a slide and is it with or without a coverslip? You tend to watch the formation of these things for hours but a blood drop would be drying up in that time so I am not sure how you are doing it. Are you letting the blood sit in a test tube and then putting the test tube under the scope? Are you using heparin with the blood draw or EDTA or something else? I would like to start checking blood and other products but am not sure of the simple basics on sample handling that I need to know. Just some basic info on how to draw and handle the sample would be very helpful. I appreciate all that you do and I keep trying to wake people up.

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It’s fascinating work. I would really appreciate it if you could show side by side photos or videos of “healthy (pure) blood” vs “unhealthy (contaminated) blood”. That would be awesomely helpful.

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Thank you for your work. I am open to anything and marvel at how deep the rabbit hole has got. Just recently, I contacted an old aquaintance who confirmed she is aware of the c0vid scam but closed up completely to any discussion about it. I cannot fathom the apathy either.

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After talking to her staff at some length, I got a package out yesterday to US Rep Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) who just tried to rein in the CDC without knowing the big picture at all. I printed out several key e-mails from Dr. Ana, the regulatory/legal team (Watts, Latypova & Kingston)... and a bunch of reports and training material on nano-tech contamination.

I have started actually confronting the Congressional Staffers with their role in blocking key information from their members. I applaud the 100 (out of 2,000?) Congressional Staffers in DC who protested the genocide in GAZA. Israel will never recover from this, just like the USA will never recover from all of the genocides and violence it has been allowed to perpetrate all over the planet (too long to type up here). Both countries need to be restored to fundamental moral principals that the global Central Bank controllers (the Big 8 Banking Families aka Rothschilds) have cast aside.

I refuse to stand responsible for what the rogue US Government has done, and is doing at this time on every level. I do not consent to my own government murdering me, my fellow taxpayers, or anyone else on planet Earth. I do not consent to my own government stealing precious resources from other countries on behalf of Central Bank-controlled Trans National Corporations (TNCs). I do not consent to the US Government failing to uphold the basic principles of a free market, justice and regulatory integrity, and completely failing to protect American taxpayers from harm - while maiming and murdering them instead.

And we the people are NOT responsible for the massive pollution trashing life on our planet. The plan for global pollution as a way to put us on our knees begging for a one world government to stop the pollution - was, and is, utterly ridiculous. The authors of this plan, the Luciferian Central Bankers in Basel, Switzerland at the Bank for International Settlements, will reap what they have sown very soon. They are NOT all powerful. The Law of Attraction works for them too - and they know it. If we focus our minds on what WE want, we will attract it. If that means the Central Banksters are not part of the reality that WE want, so be it. I never asked for them to control my life - not once.

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Perhaps we are more powerful than we realize.

Our words/thoughts are powerful. Is that Quantum?

If we do not consent to this technological hijacking, will it cease to be?

If they didn’t really need for us to get the vaccine, why was the fake pandemic played in front of us, forced and pushed, with lying and deceit? Perhaps consent. Beyond consent. Our Begging for it.

Would you consider selecting a group of people to use mind medicine/spiritual healing techniques? Ask them to do the following, then check their blood?

To meditate on health, vitality, pristine blood within their bodies?

Another to rebuke the evil that has entered their living vessel? Command it to flee, never return.

Another to state their intention that no such technology is allowed in their vessel, that they have not given consent,?

And lastly to speak the 91st Psalm for a period of time, perhaps 30 days, calling out that God is protecting their body?

Thinking out of the box. Your work is amazing. Thank you.

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Dr. Ana…many people became aware when Stew Peters and Karen Kingston exposed the patents with this and you and your colleagues have taken this to the next level!! Being aware along with some of our friends and I say just some friends find this so bizarre that any human would do this to humanity just to become a global god! I will work and stand till my last dying breath to spread this for my children and grandchildren!! Saying thank you I realize isn’t enough for how you have put your life on hold to help save humanity but there are more of us out here that know that but you don’t hear from them❤️standing with you❤️❤️

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I think anyone who is in denial should be presented with the facts by Dr. David Hughes. He has shown this list in his discussion with Dr. Ana:

Nanotech Hesitancy – “Seems to me there’s quite a few nanotech hesitant people out there; i.e.. people who just don’t want to recognize the possibility that nanotech might actually be in the shots”

1. It sounds preposterous, like sci-fi, too far outside the spectrum of acceptable opinion. This is not scientific inquiry.

2. Even if they question the “Covid-19” official narrative, their perceptual parameters are the “virus, the spike protein, and other dangers in the “disclosed” ingredients”. An effect of propaganda.

○ Perhaps the propaganda here is to get people to focus on those things that nobody thinks to look elsewhere, and even if they do, it’s so far outside their mindset, that it’s almost impossible to process.

3. Some commentators know nothing about bio-nanotechnology; they’ve never read anything about nanotechnology, so are not qualified to comment.

○ We’re typically looking at Doctors, virologists, and microbiologists to help us explain what’s going on here, but let’s imagine for a second that there is nanotechnology in the vials, would any of these scientists know what they are looking at; even if they saw it?

○ We need people who work in this area to bring forward their specialist knowledge too.

○ We need a joint-effort multi-disciplinary approach.

4. Fear of reprisal e.g. hit pieces by the Mainstream media, losing their licence to practice, threats to life, etc. prevents people from publicly expressing certain opinions.

○ We’re living in an age of political fear and intimidation, and you know that if you speak out, the mainstream media will come for you.

○ Doctors are losing their licences to practice.

○ Some people’s lives have been threatened. It’s interesting that out of the 26 cases I look at – Noack is dead and Carrie Madej’s plane went down and she could’ve died as well.

It seems like that literally every nanotech specialist is not willing to help with the investigation. I mean what's going in these people's minds. Do they even care about themselves and their family?

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I spoke to a Dr not long ago, other Drs are losing their jobs, so some must be speaking up. Then there's many Drs who are now retiring early, probably out of disgust. This will lead to allopathic health system crisis eventually, as many new Drs entering the system will not be as competent, and there'll be staff shortages, which there already is. They don't like the WHO treaty either.

I've also been speaking to everyday people, I get to them now, cause I start with my military experience, show the microscopy. Then explain the extent of the technology and surveillance, and how their taxes, own spending on wireless devices, has paid for this biosynthetic technological surveillance enslavement.

Some are open and interested, others get really scared, as they don't like what's happened.

So the apatheticness, does seem to be a mix of apathetic despair. As much as the political and lawfare has come a long way in the medical freedom movements favour. The information, and Alt media is still suppressed from the msn and the major social media platforms.

Yet the truth is still leaking through,via direct link sharing and word of mouth.

It just takes a little longer, it is happening.

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There are lawsuits all over the world on tech.



Main lawsuits are







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Light-triggered in-vivo computational synthetic biology.

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I have a doubt. I just want to know if those unvaccinated tor C19 have PCR or Ag testing by nose or not. Specifically the unvaccinated with nanotechnology in their blood? Regards, Dr Rodriguez

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since the blood of unvaxx is so contaminated, why 99% of all "sudden deaths" or turbocancers happens to vaxxed only? i'm a therapist and i do look at the blood in bright field, and while ribbons are ubiquitous, I find that rbc overall health is mostly related to heavy cell phone/devices day-long usage, those being the worst. (btw i advise not to touch devices 1 hr prior test)

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 “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.” – Winston S. Churchill

Churchill forgot about women and I hope that what he says doesn't apply to women!

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