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I am getting the word out as quickly as I can. This is hard knowledge, but it is just reality that ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is death.

Thank you. Many will live because of what you are doing. You are in my Prayers.

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All the continuing damage to humanity!

Is Freedom a priority?


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BREAKING! SWITZERLAND STOPS/WITHDRAWS ALL COVID VACCINATION RECOMMENDATIONS. https://metatron.substack.com/p/switzerland-withdraws-all-covid-vaccination?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=579085&post_id=113465152&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

HAPPY EASTER SWITZERLAND, TO SWITZERLAND'S PASCAL NAJADI and hope to world nations, provided MSM does not continue to censor this news. Thousands of lives will be saved, chronic debilitating vaccination injuries eliminated, this thanks to God's wisdom and success applied in Najadi's lawsuits.

For some background information to this unprecedented event achieved in a very short time:

Feb 17 2023 - 1 hr - Pascal interviewed by Maria Zeee - https://rumble.com/v29vlue-pascal-najadi-worlds-first-criminal-case-lodged-in-switzerland-for-covid-an.html

March 29 2023 - 9 min. - Recommendations by Pascal - https://www.bitchute.com/video/KnMMfQORO9IB/ - Politico Phil says: "God love 'em! I did not know the Swiss had such a talent for understatement. Pascal comes right out and says because he was vaxxed he knows he has lost 20 years off his lifespan. 50 million dead worldwide. 20% stillborn deaths. 20% infertility rate in men".

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Dear Ana, hello from Belgium. It is all so unspeakably ugly that one cannot grasp it! We are all in such trouble. I understand now why I AM ILL EVERY TIME I MEET UP WITH FAMILY OR OTHER PEOPLE!!

We should understand too I believe, that we experience this extreme evil so that we learn the next level of dimension; the one of (our) Consciousness and its effect on reality. In this context, it would be a formidable experiment to do a Power of 8 (Lynne McTaggart) experiment on patients. To take blood samples, do the Power of 8 meditation specifically with the intention of clearing the blood, and after the meditation, to see whether the consciousness-meditation created a field to clean up the blood / and testing the blood after the meditation. / I also think we all, according to the knowledge of Dr Steven Greer, should meditate and seek contact with E.T.s, who, according to him are extremely concerned about what is happening on the planet, since these lunatics are able to warp space as well. It would affect THEM too. We, in connecting-deep meditation, have to give them the permission to interfere now! I understand so much more now (I've been ill since 2012, my mother and father too and my eldest daughter too). We currently can and have to connect many...many dots. Thank you for all your brilliant work Ana!

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Have you tried testing your pets? If the air is being poisoned, they will show this.

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What microscope would you recommend for laymen to inspect their food?

What do you think about this nanodetox using a DIY electromagnet?


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Ces satanistes génetiquement noirs, commencent le Grand plan d'extermination Genetique des ressources naturelles !


Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act 2023 Passed by the House of Commons UK

The commercial development of Gene-Edited Food is Now Legal in England.

The new law also opens the door to the development of gene-edited farm animals, but a further vote by MPs will be required.

IDEM AUX USA des vaccins ARN dans les cultures de plantes comestibles !!

et sans doute prévus pour les ANIMAUX (jai deja écrit des articles avec des sources ou les vax ARN sur animaux sont bien prévus apparemment !!! )


BILL GATES avec le WEF , A DEJA PREVENU QUE LES ANIMAUX d ELEVAGE doivent etre tous vaccinés de nouveaux vax sur un plan GLOBAL des 2023.

et tous par des ' vaccins' ARN messager ? FORT POSSIBLE ( à verifier car internet n'est pas fiable a 100 % )

Trés bientot ce sera IDEM EN UE, car tout ce plan est toujours GLOBAL


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I’m finding it in the air, I’m using near infrared light to help and a device know as the Marsunit ( neodymium, geometric structures in motion). Seems to reverse all jabs with nutritional support

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Ana, you are one of the last honest publishers... You actually usually prove what I only conjecture...

Yes, the poisons are everywhere. I concluded the following already last July:


Last December, I posted,


And only a few days ago:


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Substack mass walkout next week, no posts. Devalue the company as it is being sold.

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Substack mass walkout next week, no posts. Devalue the company as it is being sold.

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What are the best antidotes against these hydrogel things? Colloidal gold? Nattokinase? CDS?

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