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I learned early on that vitamin D had a protective effect against coldvid and as such protected myself and my family with a high vitamin D level and copious other vitamins and nutrients were added later.

At the end of August/21 my D level was 197 nmol/l.

At this time I had an interaction with a co-worker on a Friday where he grabbed my upper arm skin to skin joking around, I later learned that he had just had his second pfizer shot on that Thursday.

Anyways a few days later on Tuesday I woke up with a fever and was dizzy and weak, went to computer room and 10 mins later all 3 got worse.

My wife ran a room temp bath and I jumped in for close to an hour and took 50,000 iu vitamin D, Super K vitamin K and zinc and quercetin.

After that hour I went and lay down and when I woke up a few hours later all symptoms were gone and I went into work the next day and thats when I learned the co-worker had his second shot.

As an aside, over the winter I continued to take 10,000 iu of vitamin D a day and many other nutrients like NAC.

In March/22 I had my D level checked and I had dropped down to 137 nmol/l. Now I did switch my D manufacturer to a gel based tab so I can't be 100% sure of what was happening over the winter but it seems fair to assume that my immune system was fighting off the spike protein and using up my D reserves to do it.

This is the D I used over the winter and hind sight being what it is and looking at the price its clear these are at the very least not as pure or potent as they claim.


I have now gone back to the one that was recommended to me by the vitamin d council and will never change manufacturers again.


Oh almost forgot, shortly after I tested my D level in March/22 my oldest son got coldvid and we had him come visit mom and day a week after and sure enough 2 weeks later my wife and I both got it.

Neither of us really had the dizziness or weakness that I had back in September but we both had flu symptoms for 3-5 days and same with son and then back to normal.

Afterwards I put my wife and I on 50,000 iu of D for a week to bump up our reserves and with my working in the back yard in the sun my D level is now at 315 nmol/l:)

For those still unsure, we are in the greatest battle of good vs evil that humanity has ever been witness to and the greatest crime against humanity as well.

So many chose to trust in man and science, both of whom lie and manipulate whereas I chose to trust in God and His amazing immune system, something that man and science still don't understand.

Everyone must stand up and resist and never comply again with medical tyranny.

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Thank you for sharing!

My wife drives medical patients, she has

Not been following this story. But is now

Sick. I will be driving medical patients as well and trained with another driver. I got

Sick. Ordered ivermectin and am taking

Zinc, quercitin, vit C, vit d,b 3 etc. thinking

Ivermectin will be key. Will share with two

Other friends who also got sick from

Other people both unvaxxed.

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I have been experiencing shedding for 16 months. It is real! I had high amounts of graphene oxide in my blood two months ago. I have now had 1 normal cycle with no extra bleeding after being on a protocol of numerous supplements, ivermectin and HCQ. This is very real & I believe it is dangerous. Thank you for sharing this information. Yes, attention needs to be brought to this subject immediately. I spent 15 months searching for answers and help. I am thankful to say I found a doctor who isn't sold out to the CDC. His clinic is treating this shedding effectively.

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Thank you, Ana Maria! It ist so important that more and more doctors are aware of shedding. I have a practice in Germany and from the first moment on, when I have been working with my jabbed clients, I felt sick every day. Because I‘ve been asking my clients when they got the shot and which vaccination they got I could resume which symptoms belonged to which vaxx… My reactions on BionTech have allways been the worst: headaches like Migräne (I never had), heartproblems, fog in my mind, …and I can tell you - my body reacts all the time. No matter when my clients got the jab. Even if I am making Sessions on the phone, my body reacts - Same to my husband, who couldn‘t believe what I was talking about. Since now, I didn‘t controll my D-Dimere, but my blood showed that my liver was stressed. I took a lot of vitamins and nutritions, especially Glutathion and NAC. It helped me to reduce the intensity of the Shedding but nevertheless most helpfull for me, is to avoid contact with them. But in my practice nearly all of my clients are jabbed - so, sometimes I am thinking about to quit my job. And besides all that, keep in mind, that even unvaccinated people who had contact to vaccinated may shed on you! Unfortunately, because we know that less about this so called vaccination, everybody has to make his own research to find the best support for themselves. May God bless all of us!

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This is unique information. Thank you for taking the time to share what you are observing in serving your community, and for explaining it with care. So rare! So appreciated....

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Thanks for your info. From the Pfizer protocol page 67/69 they talk of shedding during 14 day's after vaccinating , through other doctors I read shedding can take place up to 4 months. What is your opinion, are we for ever at risk with kissing and hugging. Appreciate your findings.

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This is wonderful information thank you! I’ve been in deep contemplation around changes to make. I’m not sure if I’ve experienced shedding but I’ve been questioning it because I got this skin rash out of nowhere and it’s gotten worse. My histamine levels are way high and for some reason small pox vaccine came up in my testing which I’ve never had. Lots of questions and curiosity if this could be a result of shedding since I was around a lot of vaxxed people from work.

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Thank you so much for this!!! I feel like finally someone is bringing attention to this and actually trying to get answers. Shedding has changed my life. Luckily I found protocols that are helping me. I spent 16 months of continuously bleeding, extreme tiredness, depression, anxiety, body aches and more! Everyone said I was crazy!

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The article suggests that "shedding" by the vaccinated may be more of a concern right after a person has been vaccinated. If the shedding risk diminishes as time passes after a person is vaccinated, then this would be another reason to break the cycle of regularly scheduled boosters.

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I resigned from my career as a pharmacist immediately upon the mandates being enforced. I refused to inject anyone with the poison and refused the injection for myself. I am 67 years old and well past menopause. I still work occasional shifts to cover vacations and sick leave, maybe one or two days a month. To my horror, after not having a period for 20 years, I began bleeding when around vaccinated colleagues. I stopped working shifts in hospitals and large corporations after that. Still when I do go into work, I quickly develop blood spots and bruising on my arms and legs. This is terrifying. These people are definitely transmitting the poison to others.

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Dear Dr Ana, I’m using near infrared light for shedding with success according to dark field testing and Vega testing. Also using using spinning geometric shaped magnets with great success

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Thank you, I have had multiple miscarriages and upon testing had a positive ANA test, positive SSA antibodies. My doctors write off the shedding since they think I just developed an autoimmune disorder. Is there a safe protocol for pregnant women or women wanting to be pregnant? I am unable to avoid the vaccinated, they’re everywhere.

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If these sinister scientist developed this with full knowledge that shedding is affecting unvaccinated individuals too, who refused the mRNA poisonous/nanotechnology drug ….how are the creators not affected too?? It’s illogical to me, unless they have a secret treatment.

Your article open my eyes as to why shedding recipients (like me) are having extreme headaches, suffered two TIA within a year, minor inferior lateral MI, and my heart went into Aflutter/AFIB requiring double ablations last July. This is after my husband took the 2 moderna mRNA drugs, whereas I resigned my hospital career to avoid taking it, and begged him not to. (Failed to convince him)

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Hi Ana, thanks for the article. I’m a 38 male, 14 months ago I was fit and healthy and had never had any illnesses besides the flu and the odd virus. I’m unvaccinated, I live alone and 16 days after our freedom day in Australia I went to hospital. Prior to freedom day I mostly was only in contact with 1 person at work. I had Troponin level of >25K and they found I had a very bad case of Myocarditis and blood clot in the left ventricle. At this stage I still have myocarditis that isn’t responding to different medications. My cardiologist and immunologist are scratching their heads on how I could possibly have this and why it’s not disappearing. They have tested my blood for different things even for covid antibodies but everything they have looked for is negative. My Troponin is sitting at 7 times the normal level of 50. I am pretty sure I got this from being around vaccinated people at the time but my immunologist said that I would have antibodies for it. Have you seen anyone get myocarditis from shedding? And if so What would be your advice to treat chronic myocarditis that could be caused by shedding?

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