I have your book, Dr Ana! It is excellent science (I'm a biologist) and excellent spiritual work as well. You rock.

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Dr Ana, Have you looked at the Pfizer docs for this most recent release? (https://phmpt.org/pfizers-documents/) Now everything is released as an .xpt file, which I cannot open. I could open all of the previous releases (pdf) until this month (Nov 1), but now ALL of the files were changed to this extension. Thankfully, I saved all the prior PDFs...

Thanks in advance for searching and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving (in whatever way you celebrate what freedom we still have!)

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Dear Dr. Ana - Thank You for your excellence and courage.

We all have to share this work urgently.

The mainstream news media sloughed off this case as basically a nothing.

We cannot let that stand.

I have urgently shared this highly detailed article with my circle of contacts.

All of us who see this must share it urgently.

I applaud you Dr. Ana because not only are you tracking these facts, as hideous as they are, but you concurrently post effective detox strategies to this evil.

We must alert everyone we know.

And there is NO reason to let these materials stay in any innocent person’s body - we have to share all we know the about the detox protocols.

We cannot let people stay in fear and be immobilized.

That in and of itself fulfills the demoralization goals of the enemy.

We are better than that.

Please everyone help everyone you know with this knowledge. Yes this is horrible what Lieber has done - BUT HE HAS BEEN CAUGHT.

Let us all help those who need medical attention as a result of having been forced into this bioweapon injection.

And GOD BLESS YOU DR. ANA - Godspeed

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Thank you, all the world will someday give you recognition.

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Ethan Huff from Natural News had an article about Lieber, that I just happened to link today @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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Have you ever seen the hands of a squirrel or a rat?

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