Looking forward to seeing it. God bless and protect all truth tellers.

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It is extremely disturbing that almost the entire medical establishment clearly sees what happens to the injected victims, and yet so few are coming out with this essential information. Thus Thank you for being different and risking your profession! Although there will be questions in regard to methods in this presentation, but based even on just a subsection of the presented material, one can say, it is not normal alone because of everyone seeing the consequences.

Just wanted to make one point, knowing how aggressive and brutal real scientists can be, to state by David he is not a 'scientist' is not clever, it can maybe even risk that publication.. Just wonder what his PhD is in.. Anyway, I just follow the path of thinking in the ways mainstream scientists use to...

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Dec 27, 2022·edited Dec 27, 2022

At this stage, it is very important that we actually understand what/whom we are dealing with here. The evidence that these vaccines are bad for humanity has been available from day one. If we have to wait for the results of randomised, double blind placebo tests or scientific evidence before taking action, I'm afraid there will not be much left of the human race. They are surely not using science to annihilate us and we cannot tackle this with scientific evidence.

When you allow a government to break the law in an emergency, the said government will create the emergencies to break the law.

What they told us from day one


We recommend/advise/suggest/mandate that you take the vaccine.

Does Not Prevent Infection

Does Not Prevent Transmission

Does Not Provide Immunity

It does not cure the virus

It has no symptoms

Its Safe and Effective

Take a bogus test with 90+% false positives

The personnel administering the jab has total indemnity

The producers of the vaccine have total indemnity

The producers of the vaccine do not have to reveal the contents of the vials for 50+ years

The government has total indemnity

You must take the jab to protect other people

You are irresponsible for not taking the jab but the medical staff, pharma, government are not responsible for anything

If you are injured or worse, you are on your own.

Follow the science when there is nothing scientific

A student of Law-101 could win the case using the above, no "Global Evidence" required.

“Truth does not mind being questioned.

A lie does not like being challenged.”

The whole project has been riddled with fraud and deception from the start. We all watched as ordinary shop owners, independent gym owners, small businesses etc were bullied and shutdown for not complying, first with mask mandates swiftly followed by vaccine mandates. The people who were in a position to actually do something effective - the police, all branches of the military, the medical professionals, airline professionals, legal professionals, elected politicians - all kept quiet. They did nothing because of fear. Fear of losing their nice fat salary, their perks, their pension etc. Ironically, these are the people that have the most to lose as they will surely be relieved of all those material things they are depending on. What part of "you will have nothing and be happy" do they not understand. Some people are so poor all they have is money - Bob Marley.

The inability to correctly evaluate the enemy has led to an incorrect response to the situation. The what/whom we are dealing with does not care about EVIDENCE of anything. People, understand that EVIDENCE IS IRRELEVANT, they will do whatever they need to do, to achieve what they want to achieve, which is ultimately, the total enslavement of mankind. Please lookup the definition of a tyrant. Does a tyrant care about evidence? Does a bully care about evidence?

Initially, all tyrannies rule through fraud and force but once fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force, time is of the essence.

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Thank you for making this paper available to more people. Everyone, save a copy of the paper!!! More and more things seem to be disappearing from the internet.

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mwats111@yahoo.com Jan 23, 2023 Five years ago I purchased a low cost compound microscope and did personal live blood analysis on me and my wife.. I learned quite a bit about the blood at that time but was not greatly concerned with what I saw. Nov. 6, 2022 I decided to look again and was shocked at what I found. We are unjabbed and yet our blood is loaded with unnatural elements that were never there before. I counted on one slide sample of my blood about 40 ribbon structures and in a very skimpy sample of my wife's blood I counted over 20. With 6 liters of blood, this could add up to millions. With a little crude measuring I believe many of these are up to or over 500 times larger than a single red blood cell. How all that could be circulating in our bodies, especially through capillaries, is beyond me? I have 0ver 300 pictures showing foreign structures in blood, saliva, urine, rain water, snow, snot and covid test swabs. May have to wait till summer to test sweat! I am attempting to mitigate the ribbon structures by drinking three cups of Cinchona Bark tea per day. Cinchona Bark is the original natural source of Hydrochloroquin. After several weeks I found only four or five ribbon structures in my blood which is encouraging but one is too many!!! I'll keep you all posted as I go. Morrie

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Nov 8, 2022·edited Nov 8, 2022

Another potential interview on this topic would be the two researchers Kyrie, Broudy that looked into the Media and published scientific literature (PubMed, IEEE) for nano and micro electronics technology for biosensors and Internet of nano things (in bodies). You also may recall Charles Lieber was working on injectable electronics prior to being arrested for accepting money from Wuhan University of Technology. https://ijvtpr.com/index.php/IJVTPR/article/view/49

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The medical establishment in Nazi Germany was in lockstep with the dictatorship's idea to exterminate all inferior races, and anyone else who criticized them, and the same phenomenon has happened in America. You don't have to be a visionary to see that the killing pits and ovens are coming to America and the medical establishment will be in full-throated support.

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Hello DR . i would like to know it it has been proven or disproven that the PGE or carbon nano tubes carry 'm RNA ' (according to the labs propaganda)

Dr Nagasse found no m rna in his analyse of two or 3 vials with high level analysis.

is it possible to modify our DNA using only frequencies ? ( emitted by the nano tech and the EMF from outside making them grow and 'informing' them ) instead of using genetics?

because DNA itself is a fractal and scalar antenna working by frequency, by 'information' .

is it possible that the PGE dont carry m Rna... at all .. (and its another lie to divise researchers ) .

do you know info vacunas on Telegram? his studies and theory are about human DNA beeing mingled with graphene by the PGE..

PGE beeing the ' glue' to for tissues and DNA scaffolding, tissu ingineering. ( he shows patents )

so, he says the DNA of the host is becoming an antenna with artificial frequency, once mingled with graphene , but is needs the ' glue' , the PGE , to be done ( which are in cov v xxines )

the second point is that he does not ' believe in micro circuits injected from outside.. he says its possible , but it's obsolete now .

he says DNA itself is mingled with graphene by the PGE, and turning the whole person into a giant bio chip, with no need to ' inject bots or nano chips

what do you think of his theory? here


THE VIDEO HAS TO BE SEEN ENTIRELY : ( sorry for small english subtitles its a video censored and very hard to find ) :


thats for me the most important question now, and i cant find any sure answer till now.

only people like you can I trust on this complex subject.

Thank you

Your work is amazing .

( im french )

my email is 5G-terre-espace@protonmail.com

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Finally got to the end; Bravo Ana and David!

One juicy tidbit that you overlooked about Charles Lieber (probably as evil as Fauci);

He's a recently-convicted Chinese spy!


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I understand why the mainstream media and medical establishment is ignoring this.

My question is why do the so-called red-pill experts, McCullough, Malone, Kirsch, Wolf, Alexander, Rose, the FLCCC, etc. etc. are so silent on this.

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My good friend, a master herbalist and author, writes privately that he has heard from both veterinarians, a "horse whisperer" and clients who have horses- that their horses no longer recognize then after the shot. If not other vaccinations/boosters follow, the effect seems to fade in about 3-4 months and the horse recognize them again.

Sometimes... humanity just needs a good dose of "horse sense"!

Thank you, Dr Ana, for your steadfast allegiance to truths- both evidential and spiritual!

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Congrats on revealing this high details informations.

This is the second most shocking data i see in the last 10 years. The first one is the documentary presented by Sofia Smallstorm titled: From chemtrails to pseudo-life.

Exactly the same topics as you presented, but 11 years ago.

It was discussed about the Morgellons and the aluminium nano-fibers. The substances that composed those fibers couldn't be identifed, nor distroyed (chemically,mecanically or thermic)

Can you share more insights about this ?

This is the documentary :


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IJVTPR is about the only journal I trust. They published my paper on the nationwide Control Group study last year. https://ijvtpr.com/index.php/IJVTPR/article/view/40

Good work on this post!

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Just now reading the David Hughes article on propaganda and Deep State terrorism and the Covid plandemic. Really a good piece, relating the history of the corporate state and its use of false flag terrorism to gain power and profit, maintain a perpetual state of emergency and control/crush the domestic population. The work of researchers like Dr. Ana and others reveal that Covid was never a virus at all, but the kind of crime against humanity that the Nazis (who have never gone away but reside in the Bilderberg Group) practiced.

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Has Dr Hughes produced a part 2?

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