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Analysis Of Covid 19 Injections – 50 Undeclared Chemical Elements, Graphene Oxide, Fluorescent Particles – Conversation With Biotechnologist Lorena Diblasi – Truth, Science and Spirit Ep23


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In this important interview, Biotechnologist Lorena Diblasi  from the National Scientific and Technical Research Council - National University of Comahue. Neuquen, Argentina discusses her research group’s findings on the Covid 19 shots. She is working with Dr. Marcela Sangorrín.  Different manufacturers were included around the world. The analysis showed over 50 undisclosed chemical components, Graphene Oxide and fluorescent particles.

During this interview we used a translator, and the content of the discussion was at times quite technical. The interview is in English and Spanish translation.

This research group is doing important work for all of humanity. Please consider supporting Dr Sangorrin and Lorena Diblasi as the cost of this testing is extremely high and no laboratory in the US will do them.

Here is the contact banking information for Argentina. Thank you very much.

Name of holder: Marcela Paula Sangorrin - Banco Nación, Cuil: 27173380882 - Account number: CA $ 25403768971193 - Alias: LETRA.COMETA.ORGANO - CBU: 0110376030037689711933

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