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C19 Bioweapons and Brain Computer Interface Conversation With Karen Kingston. Truth, Science And Spirit Episode 10


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In this episode, Karen Kingston and I discuss the work of Charles Lieber, DARPA and how the C19 bioweapons relates to the Brain Computer Interface. 

Karen Kingston is a med-legal advisor and biotech analyst with 25 years experience. Her clients have included Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, ThermoFisher Scientific, Allergan, Medtronic and other industry titans. As an analyst, she has worked both with start-ups, as well as corporate venture capital firms, including Johnson & Johnson Development Corp. Ms. Kingston internationally recognized as an expert on the harmful biological effects caused by mRNA and other engineered nanoparticle technology.

Karen’s scientific and med-legal analysis is being used by government officials and legal experts around the globe. The most recent example is the Statement Facts documented in Dr. Joe Sansone’s pending Florida Supreme Court Case for the Court to order Governor Desantis and AG Moody to prohibit the use of mRNA in the state of Florida and to seize the shots.

She also has been instrumental in providing statement of facts documentation for the Interest of Justice Team in the Costa Rica Lawsuits. Her generous support and information has been invaluable confirmation of my research findings.

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