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Global Covid Justice - Conversation With Interest Of Justice. Truth, Science and Spirit Ep 11


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Dr Ana Mihalcea interviews the Interest of Justice Team – to explain the series of lawsuits of international importance that are occurring now in Costa Rica and how you can get involved and help.

You have an opportunity to help ensure the global mission of covid justice, transparency and accountability. Interest of Justice (IOJ) is on a mission to finally arm humanity with a series of formidable lawsuits against covid tyranny and WHO breaches of duty. IOJ intends to prove the WHO & States declared a fraudulent emergency, censored truthful whistleblowers and coerced humanity to take an experimental risky gene therapy misbranded as a safe vaccine, which violates international law. IOJ is proudly supporting top experts that will be testifying, which include Dr. Yeadon, Dr. Ana Mihalcea, Sasha Latypova, Dr. Janci Lindsay, Norman Fenton, Dr. Boyle and Dr. Peter Breggin. The small organization IOJ has spent many thousands of hours over the past 3 years building a very viable case against WHO, Big Pharma and the global vaccine regulators, even winning 4 cases against the Costa Rican Health Minister and convincing the Costa Rican Comptroller and Attorney General to open investigations along the way. IOJ is a stakeholder in WHO, FDA and HHS who speaks in the global public hearings to protest covid and climate scams on behalf of humanities interests. Visit IOJ's current donation drive where you will find all of their information and links to IOJ's series of cases it will take to actually sue the WHO, stop the shots, censorship, persecution of groups and then prosecute the global covid criminals under Costa Rica Penal Code 386 Crimes Against Humanity, in Universal Jurisdiction. Subscribe and read IOJ's legal saga posts at Justice is slow but inevitable if we stay the course and insist on rule of law and truth. The only way to lose is to let them get away with it and do nothing. Be bold. Take meaningful action with IOJ and file strategic court cases with teeth. Why be the resistance, when you can be the PERSISTENCE? This is the Great Reset of Rule of Law! 

Humanity United Now - Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD
Humanity United Now - Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD Podcast
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