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"Transhumanistic Warfare"Truth, Science And Spirit, Ep 8 - Conversation with Elana Freeland


Elana Freeland is a writer, ghostwriter, lecturer, storyteller, and teacher who researches and writes on Deep State issues, including the stories of survivors of MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse, and invasive electromagnetic weapons. She is the Author of several books, including Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, under and Ionized Sky and most recently Geoengineered Transhumanism – How the Environment has been weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetism & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology. To find more about her work: Elana Freeland website

In this interview, we discuss the national security surveillance state and how the infrastructure of control are the geoengineering programs linked with the fusion of humans with synthetic biology. We discuss MK Ultra mind control, the soul and the spirit of humanity and the unique opportunity the adversity of Armageddon provides for the spiritual warriors to rise.  

I am sharing this picture with Elana at her last visit at my office.

Here is the Rumble Link:

Transhumanistic Warfare

Clouthub streams at 3PM PST

This is a transcription of the interview:

Hello, welcome!

I am so excited this week to welcome Elana Freeland who really has been a pioneer in explaining so much about what is going on.

I've had the honor to know her now for a couple of years and she's an avid researcher who sends me about three emails a day.

and makes sure that she keeps me abreast on all the news research.

But it's rare to find individuals who've done such in-depth research on so many different subjects and are really understanding how to connect things together.

So, Elana, I am so honored that you're

here speaking with me, I'm so honored that you're my friend and that you've done tremendous work, not just to educate the world, but also to really enlighten me as to the many backgrounds that exist for these technologies.

In our last interview, we had discussed, you know, geoengineering and  transhumanism.

And since then, we've done a lot of research on microscopy and how this all connects to a smart dust.

And I really would love to ask you a little bit more in depth about the military connections, the historical connections that really started this transhumanist agenda and that you had researched in your book.


Well, yeah, I'm glad you brought up the military first because there is a quote I've been wanting to get back around from 2012 by a guy named Matt Anderson.

He was the aerospace and defense executive advisor of Booz Allen Hamilton in Chicago.

Booz Allen Hamilton in Chicago is a defense contractor of great power.

Not that of Lockheed Martin or Raytheon, but very close.

So Matt said it all on February 9, 2012.

He said, few in the civil sector fully understand that geoengineering is primarily a military science and has nothing to do

with either cooling the planet or lowering carbon emissions.

I think it's crucial people hear this that someone who is very involved in the technology of geoengineering at Booz Allen Hamilton had the courage to speak out

He was a former executive advisor, yes, but he does say exactly what I say over and over and over for 13 years now.

Few in the civil sector fully understand that geoengineering is primarily a military science and has nothing to do with either cooling the planet or lowering carbon emissions.

That's the whole gamut.

of the climate change engineering that is claimed.

While seemingly fantastical, weather has been weaponized.

At least four countries, the US, Russia, China, and Israel, possess the technology and organization to regularly alter weather and geologic events for various military and black operations.

which are tied to secondary objectives including demographic, energy and agricultural resource management.

Indeed, warfare now includes the technological ability to induce, enhance or direct cyclonic events, earthquakes, drought and flooding,

including the use of polymerized aerosol viral agents, which you deal with a lot, and radioactive particulates

carried through global weather systems.

Various themes in public debate, including global warming, have unfortunately been subsumed into much larger military and commercial objectives that have nothing to do with broad public environmental concerns.

These include the gradual warming of polar regions to facilitate naval navigation and resource extraction.

Horse's mouth.


Wow, this is amazing.

I definitely want a copy of that quote and there's so much to discuss because, you know, my ears also were piqued when you discussed the radioactive activity because I'm a certified chelation practitioner and the amount of uranium that I have lately in the last couple of years seen in people I hadn't seen before and I've clearly shown that, you know, it must be sprayed because literally people who start with a chelation


How there are escapes of radiation.

And the idea is that, oh gosh, we made a mistake.

You know, there's this coming out.

I think it's being purposely put into the atmosphere for many experiments that are going on now, including human experiments regarding radiation.

So I think you're absolutely right.

It's in the air, it's in the water.

Fukushima, as I point out in the second book, Under an Ionized Sky,

was certainly no accident.

That was purposely done.

And that would include Chernobyl, that would include Three Mile Island.

I could go on and on.

So if we can just understand that the people in charge of all of the things that we're experiencing in this era in the big tech category are very informed

by their inner circles of what a lot of these events mean.

They're in on the plans, they know when it's coming, they get prepared just like we experience with the so-called vaccine of the last four years.

It's already ready.

And so I think that's the most important thing I can say to people is that, you know, you have to kind of treat life

Like it's all an intelligence operation.

You know, at the risk of sounding like a paranoid, I always say paranoia now is my sixth sense because I've learned over time and from some really great conspiracy theorists

who were looking into all of this when I just came on board in my 30s.

So I'm highly grateful to them that they risked public defamation.

The CIA is certainly always ready to

Pass out that wonderful term that they came up with after John Kennedy's murder, conspiracy theory.

So if we can just think a little bit like a detective or someone tracking down a spy, that's the way to handle a national security state, which is what I call America now.

It's a national security state.


And you have done a remarkable job in explaining to people what the real agenda is.

So if it's not about climate, then what is it really about?


Well, I didn't know that, Ana, when I first started out with Clifford Carnicum years ago when, you know, in 2005, we were looking through his microscope at spit, at saliva, at wiggling things going on in the saliva and then bringing to bear some blood samples and seeing whatever this thing is.

Actually sucking the iron out of my erythrocytes, out of my red blood cells.

I was, as the British would say, gobsmacked.

I just couldn't believe what I was seeing.

And that's when I really woke up to what was going on, that it was a full-scale assault.

So yeah, I have to say that, that this is sold to the public as a climate change,

We have to look at it as conscious, as intentional, not by everyone in the industries that we name, such as big pharma, such as big medicine.

But definitely, instead of going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth about how this could have happened and how could they have let this happen and all that sort of hand-wringing that keeps on going.

I am a student of Rudolf Steiner, as you know, and he makes it very clear that the big job of the conscious people, people who want to be conscious, who are growing in consciousness,

In the 21st century, one of the biggest jobs will be to name evil and expose it.

And that's, of course, my metier.

That's what I'm all about.

I had a very dark childhood and really was burdened with it until I would say I finally was able to resolve it at 45 years old when I finally had some memories that had been buried all those years.

So I know something of darkness.

I know something of being deer in the headlights PTSD over what has happened to you before you were really you were pre-conscious you didn't really understand consciousness

And I would say that this is more of the same.

And that I was sort of in boot camp in a way, my childhood, to prepare myself for being able to look under the rug, look behind the corners, listen to the lies, but learn to read behind the lies and between the lines of what I'm being told is actual truth.

I think now that we've seen the last four years, I think we all need to learn that.

We can't just depend on a few people to do that for us.



You mentioned big pharma in relationship to the spraying of the polymers.

What have you uncovered in

In the relationship to big pharma and big chemicals and that whole industry and what is their agenda with these polymers that we're finding now everywhere?


Well, let's start with the first part of your question.

It goes back for me in my research to IG Farben, which was a huge chemical pharmaceutical company.

In Germany, in World War I and II, we had a chemical war.

That's what World War I was.

You remember the trenches in France and you remembered seeing these airplanes, the early airplanes coming down and just spraying along those trenches and the boys down in the trenches, some as young as 17 years old, dying.

That was big pharma.

IG Farben was big pharma at that point.

They saw the weaponization of chemicals as being quite effective in that they pretty much wiped out an entire generation of youth, European youth.

So when World War II happened, then yeah, the Zyklon B and all the things we heard

were happening there.

Those were all IG Farben.

IG Farben eventually split into several chemical corporations, Bayer being one.

All of the ones that we are accustomed to hearing now, I would say, are the spawn of IG Farben.

So what is the relationship between the pharmaceutical, where it looks like it's over the counter drugs,

Prescribed drugs for various medical conditions and the relationship with the chemicals being used in the jets that are flying the so-called chemtrails over us and dropping all kinds of things down on us for us to breathe, to drink and to eat.

Well, the relationship is exceedingly the same.

It is not different.

The chemicals used in the fields of the genetically modified GMO foods, that's the same guys.

All of it's the same.

And now that we hear about the WHO challenge to medical tyranny, wanting to

to subject assault to medical tyranny.

Understand that is big pharma.

And is it the most powerful?

We tend to think of the weapon industry as being the most powerful on earth.

But I think we need to include the chemical warfare now as being a weapon as well.

and and it's a a subset of the defense industry so uh that's how i look at them and um all the people being trained like you know yourself having gone through medical training uh all all the people who are being trained as chemical engineers etc there's a whole uh level of of this that's uh national security and is not being shared

with you, even though you're a full adult, even though you may be an American citizen, you are not hearing the full story because of the National Security Act of 1947, which makes it okay to go into closed session

in congressional meetings, in any type of meeting where information is being shared on a professional level, they can go into closed session and talk all they want to about the weaponization of these agents.

And so I think that's why now I'm very pleased to see that I see the word weaponization just about everywhere now.

But when I first started out with, you know, saying what I had to say from my studies in the geoengineering

in the synthetic biology that is being dropped with the chemical trails.

You know, I was called a conspiracy nut and then of course I don't have a PhD, which I'm actually very proud of it.

I certainly have had the opportunity to get one, but I just felt like it would be more programming that I would have to get over.

So I really like being an independent thinker, a good researcher,

Really doing due diligence on looking into all the different

ways that people have of addressing these things, all the way from the lie to the actual exposure by professionals who are waking up.

I think it's fantastic.

And for that, that's probably the only reason that I'm grateful to what's happened in the last four years is we have finally begun the awakening that will turn us into real citizens in the best sense of the word, where we take responsibility for a republic

If we can indeed salvage it now at this late date from the deep state, as it's called, but you can also call it the national security state.


Yes, absolutely, and what I want to explain to the viewers is that researchers have confirmed exactly what Elana just said.

For example, in the geoengineering filaments that were sprayed, this was analyzed in 2013 by a Harvard researcher, and they, for example, found methotrexate, which is a chemotherapeutic agent,

and these chemicals that have a huge history of poisoning people, actually.

So these nylons and polyamides and polyethylens, these plastics, they're calling them microplastics now in the literature and saying, oh, we polluted the oceans with too much plastic.

you know generals are saying because they are on the top secret security clearance very few whistleblowers are coming forward so exactly what you're saying everything is just you know security state and the issue is that we have to really see this number one is warfare number two we need to educate ourselves about these clandestine programs and see how they developed



And I think Americans have been so busy with so many things that they have not paid attention.

They've assumed that their public officials are doing their job despite all the evidence to the contrary over pretty much all of my life.

I mean, I've been on this trail since I was in my early twenties in the sixties generation

When we all called it the establishment and we were very aware of the forces that were behind the, for example, the Vietnam War.

We were aware of the forces behind the Manhattan Project.

So it's not news, but what I think people become so despondent about and therefore want to distract themselves, and God knows that, you know, distraction is ready for you any time of the day now, 500 channels and

You know, and all sorts of ways to distract yourself from your despair over loss of the Constitution, loss of the Republic, loss of your own individual rights, and a real fear that sort of percolates all the time under the surface of, you know, here you're working so hard, going into debt, you know, paying mortgages, et cetera, and hoping your children are going to have

A better life when really what you're looking at is the fall of the republic because of, and I'll just come out and say it, because of the National Security Act.

You cannot have a republic and tell secrets and keep secrets.

You cannot have a republic run by a cabal.

You cannot have a republic.

It's not so much a democracy.

A lot of people say that America has been a democracy.

It hasn't really been a democracy.

It's been a representative democracy, perhaps, in that we elect these people and they go and represent us is the idea.

But the great wealth of the United States and the great power that the United States came out of World War II with have not been our friend, not to mention

Besides the National Security Act, I have to mention the Operation Paperclip that took effect as the war was ending when we brought in thousands of Nazi technocrats, technologists, doctors, and gave them the keys to the kingdom basically in exchange for a devil's deal for technological superiority.

And I don't know.

That's my biggest worry, Ana, is the technological aspect of this takeover.

I don't know how to recall that.

You know, you cannot get the genie back in the bottle.

So what are we going to do with these huge corporate conglomerates that can now take the frequencies of their technologies

For example, the medical technology, put it onto a 5G, 6G frequency wave and zap it into your system through the Bluetooth.

I mean, how do we counter that?

How do we move in a way that returns health to ourselves, that we can make our own decisions

and confer with doctors like yourself and other medical professionals who have studied the chemistry of these things and the electromagnetics, the electronics of these things.

That's really what we need now.

I think if you have to go to medical school, you're gonna have to find a medical college that offers courses in biology,

I'm really overwhelmed by that question.


I think it is becoming overwhelming, but I do think that we are at this crucial point of the convergence between humanity and technology because unfortunately the technocrats, who are by the way Satanists, also want to phase out everything that is human by number one controlling the mind, by controlling our DNA, by fusing us with synthetic biology and technology

And that is a journey of a point of no return, particularly when general artificial intelligence fused with quantum computing is involved, because now you have an automatic surveillance system by an AI supercomputer that even Elon Musk calls the Demiurge.

I think that people need to understand that our fight for survival is now absolutely at the geoengineering level.

It is at the medical level of your blood with all of the nanotechnology that we found.

But then it is also the fight for the ethics in the technological advancement

and computing and how much power do we give AI and robotics and now with neural link brain chips being implanted which is you know has happened for a long time because the targeting individuals they were really the beta testing for this but I have a question to kind of tie some of this together which is you had discussed the space fence you know really

in your book and explained that part of this entire global control grid, which is what these technologies and the geoengineering part was an aspect of, also had to do with the space fence.

We now call it also metaverse, digital twins and things like that.

Can you talk a little bit more about that and how

The technologies, according to your research, really are fusing to this end game that has everything to do with our planet Earth and space.


So, yeah, and if we go back to the 80s, when we had the Reagan

George H.W.

Bush and Big Dick Cheney, he liked to be called Big Dick Cheney, they were together as a sort of troika, I call them the troika, and they had a program that they wanted to bring for missile defense.

That program had a space fence down in the southern part of the United States that was simply microwave radar installations

All the way across like a negative necklace from one coast to the other, from sea to shining sea.

And it was unable to achieve all it wanted to achieve because they lacked the control over the ionosphere.

And that was the key to HAARP.

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project, which was basically a bunch of, well, it was one big ionospheric heater to join other ionospheric heaters that are all over the country and the world.

These ionospheric heaters are crucial to

Drawing ions down from the ionosphere.

And ions are simply electrons that have been popped off of atoms and have been electrified.

And they are very needed for all the wireless operations that we now have in our wireless world.

The problem was that no ionospheric heater alone really had the power to pull enough

for doubling its power.

And as it sent its ERP out to the ionosphere, it utilized phased array antennas, a whole farm of them off in Gakona, Alaska.

And the phased array antenna is something you all who own cell phones, I don't own one, I feel a little morally superior about that, as you might be able to imagine,


I ditched my cell phone too!


You did?


I did!


Oh my gosh, my admiration of you has just doubled.

That is not easy for a doctor.

I did it.

Oh, fantastic.


Because it is a weapon system, folks, and the target is mainly you, but it can be used to target other things as well.

So it has phased array antennas in it, very tiny, of course.

Not like up in Gakona, Alaska.

But those phased rays, instead of the old way that we had of antennas sort of doing a rotary kind of thing, just everywhere is activated.

These can be brought together into one concerted, huge, powerful beam.

And that's what HAARP was.

HAARP was able to beam the ionosphere

Take charge of the ionosphere entirely.

Control the entire ionosphere.

And for those who don't know what the ionosphere is, it starts at about 22 miles above us and goes up all the way to the magnetosphere, which is another subject.

And it surrounds the Earth and protects us from solar flares, solar radiation, etc.

But it now is completely controlled, I would say, primarily by the United States geoengineers.

And they are able to draw down those ions from the ionosphere and flood our atmosphere with it.

The catch is that in order to keep that going in our atmosphere, they need a lot of particulate matter.

They call it doping.

They call it chaff.

They have military terms.

And that is what the jets are flying for.

The commercial and the military jets, the old commercial jets that have been reactivated that are simply flying chemicals non-stop, 24-7.


Oh yeah, this is a very expensive program.

Taxpayer money can't possibly cover it all.

And so that is the drug, you're talking the international drug program, you're talking the international child trafficking program,

Talking anything that can bring money in to keep the atmosphere ionized.

And that's why when people say, Elana, why can't we end this chemtrail thing?

In fact, there are two states right now, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, that are attempting to ban geoengineering over their states.

And I say to them, the best of luck to you.

I can't imagine that they can because the CIA has complete control over the geoengineering program.

So I just can't imagine, but hey, I'm rooting.

I'm rooting because when Dennis Kucinich, Dennis Kucinich tried to do it from Ohio several years ago with HR 2977, I think it was.

And he came under not just opprobrium and lost his career in the political, but I believe he had some things happen to his family as well.

So that didn't work.

It was sent into committee.

Now I've noticed the Rhode Island one is now in committee.

Committee is almost another way of saying, you know, endless death.

But I have hopes.

Because in the United States, I guess that's how we're going to have to do it.

To get around the National Security Act is we're going to have to do it state by state.


Well, that's amazing.

Issue with the ionosphere is also tied into and HAARP is also tied into this whole genetic modification of humans because you can via HAARP genetically modify humans.

You can make them sick, but you can also mind control them.

and the findings of Clifford Carnicum, you know, when we worked together and did the impedance spectroscopy that looked at extreme sensitivity of four hertz in vaccinated blood compared to unvaccinated blood.

But to me, it was sort of a link to the whole story of how does this mechanism clearly work and then

My colleague, Dr. Baer, he actually had a functional EEG done with MRI and it showed in his corpus callosum in the wake him state a four hertz ongoing signal, which is a signal of the subconscious mind.

It's, you know, deep delta while you're asleep.

And so to me, tying all of these aspects together, people are always asking, well, you're just a doctor, why are you talking about technology and warfare and

You know, the metaverse, it's because it's all connected.

It's literally one thing.

So I want you to talk a little bit more about, you know, the mind control aspect and then what you know about, you know, you've done a lot of research about MKUltra and how this is really now being traced out to the general population and they don't even know.


Well, I am so glad you brought up the four hertz.

I was thinking to myself before the show, I thought, how am I going to get her to talk about the four hertz?

Because that is key.

This idea that harp is engaged through

The infrastructure of the space fence.

And the space fence is not my term, just like the idea of full spectrum dominance that I've popularized.

That is a military term.

And the space fence term belongs to Lockheed Martin because Lockheed Martin owns all the patents for the space fence.

That has to do with the infrastructure that's on the earth.

And then the infrastructure that goes into near earth orbit,

And then around the Earth is a ring that is forming, as I speak, filled with these heavy conductive metals that are on the nanoscale.

And it very much looks like Saturn, like one of Saturn's rings.

This is being used for communications, and I maintain it's being used for lockdown.

And what lockdown means is that there's the resonance factor.

And when you're talking about HAARP and the control of the ionosphere and the control of planet Earth, as per Nikolai Kardashev, who was the Soviet astronomer that gave us the map, the paradigm that will prove that we are worthy of a true space age.

He said you'd have to first control your planet, full spectrum dominance.

Second, you have to control your star, the sun and your solar system.

and then third, you have to control your galaxy.

So believe it or not, I mean, it sounds like delusions of grandeur, but this is how, if a fly were on the wall in the NASA deep under the earth rooms that they hold conference in in order to control the surveillance factor, this is what the fly on the wall would hear is we are preparing

to control the galaxy.

Now, I thought that was God's job, but no, no, not necessarily.

It is men who want to achieve a certain false or some sort of false godhood.

So that in itself is the key to understanding how far these people are willing to go.

in order to control it all.

Of course, I do not think they can do it.

And I also, as a student of Rudolf Steiner and a Christian, I absolutely know there is a spiritual world.

that is far superior to these wet dreams of these over-testosterone hopers for godhood.

What I try to do is not stop it.

I'm trying to educate people because each of us is a spirit and we have this capacity

that has been squelched by our culture and made us stupid and dumbed us down with endless entertainment and technological overkill.

So, no, I'm trying to wake the spirit up

which is different from all of that, so that the spirit will take seriously the challenge that lies before us.

And if I could, Ana, I just want to insert a Rudolf Steiner.

He nailed it.

And I remember when Dr. Tom Cowan was talking about this very passage that I, of course, have on my wall to remind myself what I'm working for.

All right.

This is from Rudolf Steiner.

He lived from 1861 to 1925.

In the future we will eliminate the soul with medicine.

Under the pretext of a healthy point of view, there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated as soon as possible directly after birth, so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and spirit.

To materialistic doctors will be entrusted the task of removing the soul of humanity.

As today people are vaccinated against this disease or that disease, so in the future children will be vaccinated with a substance that can be produced precisely in such a way that people, thanks to this vaccination, will be immune to being subjected to the, quote, madness, unquote, of spiritual life.

He would be extremely smart, but he would not develop a conscience.

And that is the true goal of some materialistic circles.

With such a vaccine, you can easily make the etheric body loose in the physical body.

Once the etheric body is detached, the relationship between the universe and the etheric body would become extremely unstable, and man would become an automaton.

For the physical body of man must be polished on this earth by spiritual will.

So the vaccine becomes a kind of aramonic force.

Man can no longer get rid of a given materialistic feeling.

He becomes materialistic in constitution and can no longer rise to the spiritual.

This is what we're facing.

This is it.

And for those terms that people may not know, the etheric body,

The etheric body becomes loose and can therefore be influenced by all manner of things, but not the universe.

The etheric body is one of the subtle bodies that we as physical in our physical being have also inherited with our bodies that are particularly sensitive in children.

I mean, we all know that when you encounter a child who is still a child, a real child,

You encounter sort of a heavenly sense that this child is in a completely different consciousness.

And they have not had the experience yet where they have to really incarnate, really come in with guns blazing, excuse the metaphor.

And that's because the etheric is still very sensitive and fragile in them and still in a way in that heavenly sphere.

at the same time that it's incarnating here.

And the other term that maybe people didn't understand is Ahriman.

Steiner divided evil into two camps.

Well, more than two, but the main two that we deal with are the Luciferic and the Ahrimanic.

And who's the devil there?

Who's Satan there?

Well, I suppose it would be more like Ahriman, but the two are really perfect for this dualistic planet because Lucifer is very expansive.

Aramon is very contractive, and so if you can't balance those two elements of spiritual beings, you can go crazy.

So it's very real, and does it matter what you call them?

Well, no, not really.

What matters is that you understand that evil has sort of this twofold movement

And then when you reach this other level of evil, which is called Azuric, that's that now that's off planet stuff and that's coming in.

And I often think of the Azuras when I am doing research on CERN.

and other particle accelerators because they all have D-wave computers that they work with, which is, to my knowledge, the only quantum computer that is fully functional and is functional on a tremendous level.

Everybody needs to know about the D-wave.

And with the D-wave running the entire operation at CERN,

Then, yes, portals can be opened, yes, entities arise, and we're suddenly dealing with the satanic.

And I do believe that today we are finally, you know, right out in front of us, we're dealing with what is satanic, and most people don't even believe there is such a thing as medieval.

Not sure how they do that, but I certainly realize that it's all hands on deck from here on out.

to understand that we're not just dealing with greedy guys who want more money and power.

We're dealing with spiritual entities that are fighting with us over the soul of the human being because the human being is an extraordinary being.

It's not the couch potato.

A couch potato is simply trying to become human in maybe not very workable ways.

No, a human being is the full power, the full tilt,

Full wisdom.

You think of all the saints and all the people of history that you have admired, perhaps when you were a child.

Yes, those things are possible, but you need the will, and that's what we're developing.


And I think what's very important is, and I started to speak about this because, you know, when I first saw the technology that Dr. David Nixon had found under the microscope,

I definitely had the sense, well, this stuff isn't from here.

But what I then started seeing is that, for example, people who had what's called long COVID symptoms, they literally look possessed to me.

I have a long history in healing and being able to see that in somebody and then, you know,

Being able to give them something like an IV EDTA infusion and from being completely, you know, agitated and anxious and not able to sit still and pacing, you know, in 20 minutes be completely calm as if you know, it kind of clips

I believe that this is very important to discuss because one of the issues of the programming was the separations of science and spirituality.

But they, the people who have developed all of this technology, are very, very aware of

of the fact of the science of the spirit which is my book is about this because because everything that they have done is to attack the connection of our soul of our spirit to this physical body and to mind control us because they know that we are creators through our thoughts through our imaginations you know when you're saying you know we can plug into the universe we can we can focus on an idea and actually you know we can dream we have inspiration

Technology doesn't have inspiration.

So this is a divine attribute of imagination and creation.

And so it's very important to understand for those people who say, oh, they're just talking foo foo.

No, no, no.

This is the mind control program that told you that this is foo-foo but it's essential if you want to understand the attack that we are under you have to connect it with the spiritual world otherwise it doesn't make sense to you and you don't even know who the enemy is exactly exactly and and i'm so glad that you uh you just laid it out there that without the inner life


And now, of course, in the West, we are so good at the outer life, right?

We've got lots of stuff out here.

You want stuff?

We've got stuff.

We've got stuff coming out our ears.

And you want distraction?

We can make distraction.

But how about that inner peace?

How about that inner life whereby you sense yourself as a spiritual being?

You see it in everything you do in a regular materialistic

You know, I mean Steiner said something that blew my mind when I was at teacher training when I was about 30.

He said the only path of initiation that is actually legitimate now is the path of initiation of daily life.

It is daily life

that is going to teach you if you simply pay attention to it and don't try to make con deals with it and not hide from it and not try to eat it all in one sitting.

If you can really approach life

Life is sending me messages when you know I'd be making plans and meanwhile life is sending me messages that are sending me in a completely different way and I learned to trust it because I finally realized in my 20s amazingly

that I simply didn't uh I didn't know what I was doing and I didn't even know about how wounded I was how damaged I'd been by my childhood and probably karma and all sorts of things from before this time but I I just didn't know but I knew enough to know I didn't know what I was doing because I would end up in messes you end up in messes a lot believe me you're in a pattern that is trying to wake you up that hey

You need to pay attention to what life is bringing you in a way that you can learn the lessons without getting caught in the maws of something that's trying to devour you.

So that idea that we are facing evil in the 21st century

I was prepared for that by Rudolf Steiner, but I think everyone can see after the last four years, and we're just beginning this cycle, can see that they're going to need more.

It's not just more experts.

It's just not more PhDs.

We're going to need to come from inside and figure out

What this is saying to us and that you know after all the science I do and the technology and you know and now I'm preparing believe it or not a fourth book I can hardly believe it myself for Inner Traditions Publishing which will be simpler easier to read and cheaper than my last book which Ana waded through bless your heart 650 pages

For those who want to share it with someone

who is not particularly a scientific reader.

And then I'll write a synthetic biology book, hopefully along the same lines for people, showing how it connects with geoengineering.

And then I want to write a book about targeting and the electromagnetics that are used to target people and how it works, such as Ana brought up the four Hertz, this idea of pulsing

is very powerful, works very powerfully on us because we are resonant beings.

And we will, just like you would at a rock concert, you walk into that beat and now you're resonating, your whole body is resonating to that rhythm.


And they can kill people with that, as we've seen in these satanic rock concerts, which is just absolutely, you know, it's homicide.


It's so powerful.

And, you know, to see that all this technology can be weaponized.

Once you see that, now you realize, hey, it's time to be awake.

I've got to be awake, not just use this technology and say, gee, isn't it nice?

I've got a baby monitor now that can tell me when the baby rolls over.

Maybe not.

Maybe not.

Maybe you need to look a little more into that.

So this idea that we can't just wait for the government or corporations who are interested in profits to tell us when we're in the danger zone.

We've had that in the childhood of humanity for a long time.

We've depended on our experts.

I think we're leaving that now.

I think that's what the last four years have said to us.

We cannot depend on the experts anymore.

We have to use, yes, you want to find out what they think, then you want to think about it, you want to educate yourself, do a little bit of research on your own, and then come back to it and make a decision.

That's the process.


And I completely agree with you.

You know, one of the things that I've seen is, for example, that certain individuals, because of their training, they are viewed as leaders, but their expertise is in a very small box.

And anything that is outside of that box, they cannot address.

and so if if people cannot see the panoramic picture of what's really going on how can they lead millions of people and be the quote-unquote expert I find it very dangerous and that's what I've really seen and and and realized because you know for example ignoring the nanotechnology in the blood by many doctors I mean has done such damage such damage because now we see

you know the people dying with these rubbery clods uh you know very early on i just did an interview with richard herschman the embalmer and he was showing me clods from a 12 year old i mean i'm just like oh my god and how much could we have prevented if people would have had an open mind two years ago when we're screaming from the rooftops this stuff is technology watch for it and you know we did that uh

Just sort of at the end of this information-packed interview, I want to ask you a little bit more about this MKUltra connection, because again, I believe that mind control is one of the prime objectives of everything that we're seeing.

Yes, it's the population as well, but the creation of these automatons

As you mentioned from the quote of Rudolf Steiner, I absolutely think that that's what we're seeing, and there's a correlation between the Operation Paperclip and the Nazi experimentation.

Can you speak a little bit more about that correlation?


Yeah, and I wanted you to know, by the way, that Ron Patton, who was sort of my colleague when we both were studying MKUltra,

in a serious way and we're dealing with a lot of MKUltra survivors.

Ron has started a podcast in which he's doing some very important readings.

He's doing interviews.

It shows on Sundays at Ground Zero Radio.

You'll have to check the schedule to see when.

But I'm providing some things for that along with some interviews.

All right, so the thing about MKUltra that is right along the line with Steiner is it literally cuts off the soul of the person that is under MKUltra.

So we all know perhaps from various MKUltra survivors' books that they were traumatized very young

Usually, Satanists want to start before three because Rudolf Steiner makes it clear that at three years old, the child now thinks of itself as not, me want this, me want that.

No, suddenly the child starts saying, I want this, I want that.

This is the sign of the ego formation going on in the child.

So that's why the Satanists want the children before the ego formation.

So they can lay claim to the soul of the child.

And when you use drugs, you of course take away the consciousness and you put the child in a sort of sleep, a sort of dreaming state, and then you can program.

If you use pain,

A portion of the personality will split off as the child dissociates.

The child, the I of the child, the higher being of the child,

will dissociate from the body.

Often MKUltra survivors are talking about seeing themselves from the ceiling and watching things happen to them that are very painful, including sexual rape.

And they are now relieved of having to go through that.

But what will happen is that memory will then

Transition of the Soul to the Body

Various things to different parts of the fractions that have been taken away from the soul.

This is what the CIA did in MKUltra with its 149 projects.

And it was taught that primarily by two... It's not just the paperclip Nazis.

They brought all their records from all the things they did to people in the camps.

And that was not just Jews.

Germans that was gypsies my people are gypsies so you know i mean uh they they really had a lot of records they brought with them uh but it's also tavistock institute uh was very primary i would put tavistock institute for influence right up there with uh ig farben and then from tavistock

The Stanford Research Institute in California learned how to do what they had been doing.

So this whole thing of realizing a mind control program, a lot of people would like me to say that, oh, well, that's all in the past.

Sorry about that.

It's not in the past, but it has changed.

It has become electromagnetic now.

And they can still use the frequencies of drugs, remember.

We have molecular biology is being made into digital biology.

You don't need the molecule anymore.

You don't need the physical.

You just need the frequency.

That's all you need.

So they can send a frequency of a drug to someone

Say they're targeting someone in an apartment somewhere.

Send the frequency of the drug and the person goes into a drug condition.

Yes, it's magic, right?

It's black magic to be exact.

And so then that person is in that state.

Now they can use 5G and 6G to inculcate new programming.

because they can bypass the neocortex.

That's always what they want to do, shut it down or distract it and then go into the temporal lobes.

And even the reptilian brain has been found in satanic survivors of satanic families to be utterly altered.

So the idea of the reptilians that we keep hearing about, this is how I think of it.

is that the reptilian portion of the brain and that is the original name of that portion of the brain down here near the limbic brain

So that's how that works.

The imagination can be then utilized to kill or anything, and they can make assassins, they can make sex slaves, they can make leaders that are upfront.

I always think of that when I see Mr. Trudeau.

I think of various leaders who now are utterly programmed.

And this is the world that we have.

and why we need to think seriously about our relationship with evil and our ability to marshal our own forces, our own abilities that we can offer in this showdown that appears to be happening in our lifetime.

I can't believe I'm so lucky to be here, Ana.

I mean, this is warrior heaven for me.

It's like, oh yeah, just give me a big fight.



You and I have a lot in common.


Yes, we are warriors.





Thank you so much, Elana.

And can you just briefly tell people your phenomenal books?

Obviously, absolutely.

I have read every page of Elana's book, particularly, you know, Engineered Transhumanism, but all the other ones.

And where's your website?

Where can people find you?


Yes, I've had a lot of website trouble.

Gee, I wonder why.

So is my site at this point.

It will be replaced by another one down the road at some point.

And I recommend that for the color,

edition of the latest 650 page book, Geoengineered Transhumanism.

The color edition is only available at the Rudolf Steiner Bookstore in Seattle, Washington.

And you can remember that Rudolf Steiner Bookstore, Seattle, Washington.

They have all my books.

They have Kemp Trails Harp and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth that came out in 2014.

They have Under an Ionized Sky from Kemp Trails to Space Fence Lockdown.

that came out in 2018.

And then there's this one, the one that will be out from Inner Traditions, the geoengineered transhuman, that's the name of it, will be out this summer.

So, and then I've written a whole series of Sub Rosa America books that I have to always remind people of because I never try to, I never talk about them except on very rare shows.

But these are the story of what has happened to America since John Kennedy's assassination.

It's in a fictional format so I can have the room to comment on America and everything that I talk about, but it is based on real history and you can read the 80-some page bibliography at my site


That's awesome and I look forward to the book in the summer and I definitely will want to have you back to talk about it and promote it.

That's exciting.


Okay, thank you and your book too, Ana.


writing now right yes absolutely absolutely so lots happening uh you know and uh i agree with you you know we're all warrior spirits we just have to keep going and so uh this was phenomenal thanks so much thank you for joining and we'll see you soon okay bye ana bye

Thank you for watching this episode of Truth, Science and Spirit with Dr. Ana Mihalcea.

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